Thursday, May 31, 2012

Whoa! Wallpaper!

Alright, the pink bathroom has gone from bad, really really bad, to oh-so worse! Along with the lovely pink tile there is/was a wallpaper that looked like my granny's bedspread. I did a little research prior to removal but nothing could prepare me for this. (dunn dunn duuuuunnnnnee!)
Our wallpaper had a plastic feel to it, textured and shiny. The top layer of wall paper came right off, no problem, but I still had to remove the actual paper  from the wall.

Vinegar and hot water in a spray bottle was all the chemical I needed which was relieving because it is such a small space and I don't want to pass out during home renovation projects. I dug out a putty knife from my art junk and I was ready to roll. The process is not hard, it's just time consuming! Something I was not expecting was that under the paper there was a plaster applied to the existing textured wall. I'm guessing to smooth out the wall surface before you glue on the wallpaper? It makes sense but it started crumbling off as I was scraping the paper. Guess what color the walls were painted underneath? PINK! Can you believe that? Pink on pink!

I have some serious blisters!
Hard to see but it's pink under there!
Such a mess!
Along with scraping the walls I knocked off the old soap dish and tooth brush holder. There is no cleaner in the world to restore these nasty things. When we bought the house they were covered in foil. I didn't notice when we saw the house...probably because the pink tile was blinding. I hit them hard with a hammer not really knowing what would happen and they flew right off.

Mr. R calls this the Anne Frank bathroom....I don't think that's a good thing. I also think this would be a perfect room to film a gruesome horror movie, it just has that feeling. I have big plans for the little space though....big plans!

Yay for progress!

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