Monday, February 25, 2013

Case of the Mondays....

They're so sad aren't they? The weekend is over, we are back to work and all I have to show for my weekend is a few phone pics.

Friday, after a long week of work we dusted ourselves off and headed to the Melrose for a quick happy hour. I was telling some women about the restaurants open in our area and it got me thinking that I haven't been to all of them!! Tap the breaks....we're going to get HOT DOGS!!

Yep, it happened y'all, I ate the whole damn chili dog! Thank you Hoffman's Hots for making my impromptu date night with my husband oh-so memorable!

Saturday afternoon I, with me lovely sister and mother, hosted a wedding shower for our little Katy! She is too leetle to get married. Here are just a few pics from the day!

Celebrating Katy bug!

Lots of spring flowers popping up in the yard!
I also got to transport my first pig! Meet Fatsy Cline! Mr. R came up with the name. She is the newest member of the Brazos House family. She pooped about one block from the was a long drive to Glen Rose. There was some gagging! Isn't she funny. I wanted to call her Fatso but my mother said it was rude to call a lady that! Hopefully there will be many more pics of Ms. Cline to come. She is adjusting to her new home with the chickens and seems happy on the farm!

Sunday George Strait got in the river for the first time and it was hilarious. He literally froze in place...could not move! He finally realized he could just run out. I think he had a pretty awesome day! I know I enjoyed laughing at his crazy ass all afternoon. I really love that dog!

GS stuck in the river!
My other favorite puppy!
Doing some serious exploring!
We had a great weekend! Hot dogs, wedding showers, poopy pig, cold river, exploring new land, handsome husband, funny parents, precious nephew, clean house, tired dog,....doesn't get much better than this! Ready for the week!

Happy Monday!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Lotty Dotty....

....we likes to POTTY! And now we can!

New Years eve as we were recapping 2012. Yes, I am aware that is late February but it's been a long  two months people. So we were talking about everything we accomplished last year. Weddings, traveling, road trips, new house, new dog....and the pink bathroom. Or what Mr. R referred to as the Anne Frank/ Holocaust bathroom, it was that sad and depressing. And the saddest part was I let people I know and love see that horrible thing. But the ugly pink, wall papered mess is gone. We have been blessed my the Bathroom Gods with this gem. I cannot be more pleased with the results.

Before we see the swan let's remember the ugly duckling....


Black grout!

Toilet in the hallway. Totally normal!
Oh the wallpaper


First demo day
Removing gas heater
Finally some progress!
New cabinets and sink

Marble, I love you!
Epoxy paint on tub
The scraping and scrubbing and living with wallpaper glue everywhere. Not ever really feeling clean after a shower.....all but a memory now folk. May I introduce, dun dun dun duuuuuuunnn....

The New Bathroom!
Ahhhh yes!
Quick window frosting....curtains looked too heavy in here.

So originally there were blinds in here that were really nice but too long. I spent half the morning fighting them to stay on the window sill. After the renovation and now sans sill I took them down and liked it better immediately. I tried a curtain and it was too much fabric right next to the shower curtain so I opted to frost the glass panel. I wanted light to still come through the window but I didn't wanted guests to feel exposed. I just trucked on over to the craft store bought a stencil and some spray frost and worked it out y'all. It's not perfect and the fumes were horrible but for now Mr. R can't see me get in the shower from the kitchen sink....bummer for him! Sorry there is not a better shot of the finished product. Just come over and see it!

Simple functional grouping 
Of course I have a million jars around this place. I really wanted the counter to be as clean as possible so I just went with the basics. Cotton balls, Q-tips, mirror, and because I felt like I needed three jars I filled one with Epsom salt because I heard some people use that in the bath tub. This girls has not. I will take suggestions if I am missing out on something though.

New faucet!
So I opted for hooks instead of the traditional towel rod, let face it people, how often are you hanging your towels up the right way on a rod. At our house it's more like stuffing it into the corner and they never really get dry and seem to never quite stay. These hooks are working great for this family so far. AND they kind of remind me of summer camp! Love it!

So I also did something a little wacky and had the bead board/wains coating put in at an angle. Like a subtle chevron. Love love love how it turned out. Copy it, be jealous, that bead board is legit!
Before and After

White simple shower curtain. There is a small ruffle accent at the top. Grey zebra bath mat, I have always had a soft spot for animal print....judge me...moving on. Ampersand above the potty (pictured at the top) this guy was pink but he got spray painted to math my vanity stool.We are so so happy to have it all finished. The work turned out wonderful. And yes it totally sucked while it was happening we pushed through and have a bathroom we are proud of. Yay! 

Sorry that it took 2 months to post but for the majority of that time my head was in this toilet:) 

Happy Everything!