Wednesday, October 19, 2016

A few Thank You notes..

Thank you, put together stay at home mom, for bringing organic dehydrated vegetables to the park for a snack. I appreciate your kindness in sharing with my children even after they spit them out. I like your Lulu Lemon work out pants and side braid. Your cheeks look naturally sun kissed. You seem nice. I applaud you endlessly for staying home with your littles! Tell me more about your Halloween Pinterest board? You go girl! Sorry I gave your kid stale goldfish that were at the bottom of the backpack. I'm sure he will be fine!

Thank you, working mom, for embracing the store bought cupcakes for the school bake sale. I like your style. I see you in your full face of make-up and well put together outfit. You let your kids buy their lunch? Smart girl! Thank you for having your kids in pants and a shirt....who really needs shoes anyways. Thank you for leaving your kid in daycare an extra 30 minutes so you can run to the grocery store to buy milk in peace. You actually went and got a pedicure?...even better! Kudos for giving your kids Wendy's frosty and fries for dinner. I see you and I like you!

Thank you, not-so-put-together-stay-at-home-mom, for keeping it real and dropping a solid  GD in front of your kids. Thanks for not getting mad when my child threw wood chips at your infant. I assure you it was an accident. How's the gas mileage on your mini? I see you sister and I applaud you. Can I buy you a pizza? Mommin' aint easy! Is that wine in your water bottle? Can I have some?

Thank you, Texas summer, for not ending until November. Maybe it's the triple digits or the 100% humidity but your really know when to turn it when I'm trying to get two small children in their car seats. Can you pass a little note your your friend air conditioner unit? I'm still not over the fact the he broke over Labor Day weekend. That was a real ballsy move AC! Living out of the car and sleeping at my sister's was a memorable 3 days. Thank you for nothing are the worst!

Thank you, beloved children of mine, for not giving two whips that all I want to do is nap. You are so kind to wake up at 5:30am demanding things like milk and attention. I enjoy cleaning up endless piles of toys, dishes, poop, and pushing you up hill both ways to the park in the dead of summer. No seriously I love y'all so much, I would push you through the Sahara if you asked! Y'all are my everything! Thank you for being my best buddies!

Thank you George and Nelson, for reminding me everyday that God sent you both to us for a reason. I am pretty sure that reason is to teach us patience and kindness and forgiveness. George, your anxiety and overall social weirdness is something I have never seen in a dog. Nelson, your ability to wreck havoc in whatever your doing, not listening, and being so incredibly stubborn is one for the books. Thanks guys, I know one day you will be old and want to nap all day and I will miss pulling diapers out your mouths and spraying off all of the unique places you've peed. Thanks really for cleaning up the space foam and play-doh from the floor. I only know this from picking up your poop. I'm sure it is organic! Stay weird!

Thank you, varicose veins, for showing up about 20 weeks ago. You really know how to make a girl feel self conscious about her right leg. You are horribly disgusting and larger than your last appearance. We wont even mention your evil cousin who has made camp up North. Y'all are both the worst! Thank you for giving me a sneak peek of what my legs will look like in 50 years. I can't wait for it to hit 80 degrees so I can wear compression hose.

Thank you, high school students, for turning a blind eye to your teacher eating crackers behind her desk. Thank you too for acting like my outfit choices are normal and I'm not hiding a ginormous mid section under my apron. You're sweet for letting be take to trashcan outside to gag into. Super sorry for my short temper and my inability to form simple everyday words like....shoot, I can't remember.

Thank you, first time pregnant girl, for telling about all the naps you took this weekend. I remember those days. No I don't, what's a nap? Tell me more about your maternity clothes shopping and your minute by minute birth plan? Let me know how that works out. How's What to Expect .....What chapter is, How to get your 3 year old to stop changing his own poopy diaper, in? Oh just stops at the pregnancy? A little advice just skip to whatever literature you can find on terrible toddlers. You will need way more research on that topic!

Thank you, husband, for letting me go to bed at 8:30 some nights. I know the spontaneous crying during dinner is getting old. I'm sorry about all the lists I have been writing out and making you complete said list. This is all your fault by the way.

Thank you morning sickness for lasting all day and well into the second trimester and almost third! You really know how to make a girl feel like crap for months. I don't know if I can take much more togetherness. You have already given me so the ability to only eat Ramen noodles for a month OR peeing my pants every time I vomit. You are something!

Guess what?
I'm pregnant! And apparently if it's not on social media it's not really happening. So here you go world, baby #3 coming at ya! Well, in a few more months. I'm totally joking about being a pissy pregnant lady. I'm actually enjoying it (now....ish). Kudos to all the stay-at-home, working, put-to-gether, hot mess, 14th baby or first time moms out there. Y'all are all rock stars. I am a little bit of all of you!

Remember my first pregnancy announcement? What about my second?

First vs. Second vs. Third Pregnancy
(1) Puking almost everyday until 15 weeks ish (2) Dry heaving and horrible food aversions until 18 weeks ish (3) On meds...still

(1)Horrible heartburn (2) Little heartburn (3) I'm sure it's coming

(1) Big boobs (2) NONE!! I'm too skinny and Raleigh sucked me dry....I miss you boobs! (3) seriously looking into nipple reconstruction

(1) Emotional crazy woman (2) Emotional crazy woman (3) Too tired for any emotions

(1) M&Ms, fried eggs, cottage cheese (2) Spaghetti, gummy bears, mint chocolate chip ice cream, turkey sandwiches....and champagne...and donuts! (3) I mean is it edible? I'm in! Fritos...isn't that a weird craving!

(1) Nervous about every pregnancy milestone (2) Really nervous about every pregnancy milestone (3) Freaking terrified about reaching every pregnancy milestone

(1) Tummy really popped about 22 weeks (2) Tummy popped at 18 weeks (3) Tummy popped at 5 weeks TRUTH!

(1) Tired (2) Completely and utterly exhausted down to my toe nails (3) I'm sorry, what? I just fell asleep standing up.

(1) Nursery design planned (2) Nursery complete....we are moving Raleigh into a big boy room which I haven't started so new baby gets a hand me down room that is just a little bit worn. (3) Where the hell are we going to put this kid?

Pregnancy Dreams
(1) Had a dream about a sonogram and a scrotum:) (2) no baby dreams (3) I wish all my children and dogs would sleep through the night so I could get a good night dreams!

(1) All about the closet clean out (2) Did it! (3) It's funny with this pregnancy my nesting is more like "I should probably do that but I'm going to go to bed instead." Maybe it will kick in later? Or maybe I have become a realist. That closet isn't going to stay cleaned out and organized...we live HERE! When I get an idea it's moments before I am on to something else, mostly cleaning up my kids toys, laundry, poop.

Birth Plan
(1) Have clean hair at the delivery (2) Make it through the Oak cliff Mardi Gras Parade, Have clean hair, stop at Chilck-Fil-A on the way to the hospital (3) Really want to make the Chick-Fil-A happen this time. Maybe catch a nap alone before the baby comes. Lots and lots of that margarita drug....what the hell is that stuff, it's amazing! and can I get an epidural for the road? Ooooh! Have the cleaning lady pop in while I'm gone. Best plan ever! Can you have pizza delivered to delivery room....double delivery;)

And if you are still reading...WOW, you must have gotten a good nights sleep. My two big boys (and they are so so big) are so much fun right now. Raleigh is still my Mr. Fix it! His imagination is so detailed. He loves playing fireman, police man, Octonauts, still loves a good lawn mowing. He loves tools and most recently has become this affectionate little love bug. He tells us all the time how much he loves us and misses us. He tells his Daddy "You're my best buddy!" He just hugs all over Ridge and calls him his baby bumble bee. He loves to snuggle and sleep with his mama. We have been falling asleep together a lot recently! Both boys can really sit and color. Rals loves to cut paper and glue!! Raleigh is still not potty trained and has ZERO interest in it. Everyone tells me not to push it but I would really like to NOT have 3 children in diapers. He definitely does things on his own time. Every night, and I mean every.single.night he says "This was the best day ever....but what are we going to do tomorrow?" I mean, what a great outlook on life! He is so much fun! Love him!

Oh the Ridglette. This boy is obsessed with sports. He can kick a soccer ball all day. Loves to throw, kick, chase anything! He really likes the sandbox and wants to hug/crawl on and under the dogs non stop. He is still the happiest kid but I can tell the "terrible twos" are coming....just in time for new baby! He is the best sleeper and just this week he asked to sleep in Raleigh's room. He is just getting so big so fast. And speaking of fast. Those legs might be chubby but this kid can move! He is talking and started the dreading "Why mama?" Usually right after I tell him no. The cutest thing he asks is "Where's Georgie, or Poppie, or Crash....I mean, if he knows your name he is asking where they are. Ridge loves Nemo and loves loves loves his brother. I ask him a lot of questions because I feel like his motor mouth brother won't let him get a word in. My favorite replies are "Yesssshhhhhh, Tank you, Guuuud, Peeaaasssse". Everyday I ask how his day was and he says Guuuuud! He just giggles and smiles and waves all the time. He is my person.

If everything goes as planned. And I fully embrace the lack of plan here. We obviously can plan for nothing in this life!! Rals will be 3.5, Ridge will be 2 weeks short of 2 years old, and I will have a newborn!! Holy crap! Start sending over the bottles of seriously, can you register for that?
We are really excited and welcome all the prayers, happy thoughts, and good vibes you can send our way these next few months....eeerrrr years!

25 weeks! And a 19 month old Ridge!
So I guess it's official now that is on social media. I'm pregnant!

Here is the one and only belly shot from #3. No filter either. That's ME! After working all day, in stretchy pants, holding a kid in a dirty shirt and probably dirty diaper.