Thursday, March 2, 2017

Third Time's a Charm

I feel like write a delivery post every month....this is just my third? Are you sure?

Rhodes Michael

We welcomed our third precious boy January 27th. My due date was February 1st and I had accepted that I would go all the way to my due date because of my first two deliveries. I had NO birth plan for number 3. I was really hoping for labor to start during the day....those middle of the night deliveries get a little complicated with two "littles" at home. So that was it for the birth plan, start labor during the day. And then God chuckled....

Thursday morning I went to my 39 week appointment. I had been having some pretty good contractions, felt exhausted, was peeing (what felt like) every 5 minutes, couldn't sleep, blah blah blah, 39 weeks pregnant you get the idea. At this appointment they do the much anticipated "check". Which no woman in the history of pregnancy has ever enjoyed....I thought I would be dilated at least 4cm.....NOPE! A sad little 1.5cm. I was almost mad. The front desk girls got an ear full when I proclaimed they would NOT see me next week for my 40 week check. I went to work and waddled around the rest of the day proclaiming still this would be my last week and they would not see me Monday.

God starts really getting silly. Thursday night around 11:30 sweet baby Ridge wakes up with a raging fever. Mr. R brought him in bed with us and I just held him and tried to comfort him so he/we can at least sleep. After a few minutes he was asleep (and on fire) in our bed and I really had to use the bathroom. I did my best 39 week pregnant stealth ninja move to get put of bed without waking the sick baby move. I'm sure it was as graceful as an orca getting out of bed. As I am scooting carefully I lose all bladder control and well, wet my pants. So glamorous. I waddle to the bathroom...mad because I have to change close and I am so so big and uncomfortable and tired. Bathroom, new clothes, crawl back into bed next to my sick baby....why and I still peeing?

Back to the bathroom. My water did not just break. It's midnight. My baby has a fever. I'm officially in denial. Change my clothes again.

Yes, third baby and I had no idea I was in labor or if my water had actually broken. Called good ol' Lady Kay. She said if I thought maybe it probably did actually break. They were headed in from Glen Rose. I wake up Scott. Call my sister to come sit with the boys while we go to the hospital in the middle of the freaking night!!

I shuffle in to wake Scott which wakes the sick baby. We are all awake! Cue the cartoons at 1am. Now that Ridge was awake I knew he would totally freak if Scott and I both left so I decided (just like#2 to leave Scott and have my sister take me to the hospital).

So I did have a little time to kill so I put on my make up and put my hair in a bun....for future reference.

My sweet sister pulls up in her jammies and I tell her the new plan. I was actually cracking up because she told me should would have worn real clothes is she would have known we were going in public....but she went with it, beacuse she is a rock star sister and who would argue with a lady in labor.

Ok, arrive at the hospital about 1:30am. I waddled up and again, the question....

How can we help you? 

I think my water broke????? 

They don't believe me! The nurse even told me later that they were joking behind the desk that I looked too cute to be in labor. I get sent back to the triage room aka where the fakers go, for the next checks and yes that was amniotic fluid, yes I was dilated, yes this baby is coming. I'll spare you the gross details. This is just a friendly disclaimer that lip gloss and a little mascara go a long way!

So this delivery felt really long. It actually went faster than the first two but I was so tired (1 hour of sleep) and hungry it felt like eternity. After the epidural I could hardly open my eyes and even said at one point I hope I could stay awake for the actual delivery. Everything went very smooth. I was very comfortable, relaxed. I did have to wait a little longer than I wanted because my doctor had a planned C-section so I dreamt about breakfast sandwiches while I waited.

We waited again to find out the gender of the baby. Y'all it is the most fun. Everyone should do this! I was so excited to find out. When the doctor finally arrived he did a final check and honestly it went like this....

Ok, we are ready.
Table, gown, gloves.
Ok, give a push.
Am I pushing?
It's a BOY!!!!

One push, I mean if you would even call it that. Lets say a half push and an eyebrow raise.

With each baby I bond quicker. With Raleigh I felt like such a failure because I thought I should be feeling fireworks and heart explosions in the delivery room. These feeling did come but several days after being home with him. Ridge I felt a bond pretty quick. Oh and this one...instantly. I think now I realize how fast the newborn phase is over and I am soaking up every second. Every. Last Second.

So now, right after delivery, they do one hour of skin on skin. This is before weighing, baths, anything. Just right there on your bare chest. It was sweet and slightly disgusting. And remember when I said I was starving? I ate a breakfast sandwich over my minutes old baby. Yep! It happened.

So that's it....nothing crazy, just a little half push. Gosh, I could totally do this again. Wait, being pregnant was totally horrible....oh well, I've forgotten all that now;)

Welcome to the world my sweet Rhodie!
It's a BOY! Another stinkin'boy!
Day 2: In the hospital soaking the quiet moments
3 days old and finally home!
One week and already watch TV with my brothers!
Two weeks old!
First bath

4 weeks old and dreaming about angels.
If you knew my Bobo....who does he look like here?

First photo of our entire tribe!

So much love, Happy Mama!

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Dear Ridge....

Dear Ridge,
Today you are two years old. Wow! My big man. Our Bubbie. You did quite a lot of growing up this past year. You are nearly the size of your big brother. You absolutely love all things sports and spend the majority of your day kicking, throwing, or chasing a ball. You even managed to talk about sports while playing with other toys...mainly just saying baseball and football in your precious little voice. You even sleep with a basketball...oooohhh, I just love you!
This is a 2 year old clown!

Your personality is so easy going. You do most things with a giant smile on your face or with that thumb in your mouth. People still stop me and tell me what a happy little boy you are. I hope you can always find that smile. If I ask you how you slept or how your day at school was you always reply "it good".

Your laugh literally makes my heart flutter. It is the sweetest, most sincere sound. Almost as sweet as the sound your little feet make running through the house. You are becoming so confident and independent. Are you really just 2?

I was never worried about bringing a new baby into the house with you because you are such a lover. I have never once acted jealous you just pushed your way into my lap if you needed a snuggle. The more the merrier right? You love all animals and even pick up bugs and snakes to "pet"! You have such a kind spirit and I love when you just throw out a "Thanks Mom" at the dinner table or "I got it" if I have dropped something. What are you going to be little boy? I hope something that will make this world a better place!

Sweet boy!

You love Raleigh so much and to watch y'alls friendship has been such a joy to me and Daddy! I know he bosses/pushes you around a lot and I am silently cheering you on when you have had enough....and sometimes sock him. Don't let him run the show, you are plenty big and can do what you want. Remember that when your little brother gets bigger ok?

Happy birthday to my Bubbie. I hope you feel loved today and everyday!

I love you, Mama

Ridge is 2 and he loves....
Baseball, soccer, and basketball
Watching Justin Time
Playing outside with Raleigh
- waterhole
- sandbox
- digging in the dirt
- playing in our neighbors birdbath
Tractors and trucks
Being at the farm
Calling Poppie on the phone
Giving Rhodes kisses
Snuggling with Mommy
Wrestling with Daddy

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Merry Happy Everything!

Holiday roooowww- oh oh oh oooooh oaaad! Holiday roooowww- oh oh oh oooooh oaaad!

It's January and truly a holiday miracle that I am writing a post about the holidays. In true me fashion though we are going to go way way back to Halloween. That's when the true holiday season starts right? Well, that's when I start binge eating miniature candy bars so that's where we begin.

Halloween 2016
My sweet Rals. He has the best ideas. And although his follow through is lacking I enjoy is initial excitement. So this year the three year old get's it y'all. You dress up and ask for candy! And you get to dress up as anything you want. His first idea was a "mow mow guy". I was SO excited about this. I was going to have Ramirez Brother's Landscaping hats made. I was going to paint a logo on the wagon it was going to be amazing! And then he changed his mind....
He wanted to be Octonauts. A show at the time he had seen a whopping twice. He wanted to be Captain Barnacle. Awesome. I jumped on Pinterest and found so many patterns and costume ideas for the entire family. I made my list for the fabric store. Mom of the year checking in for duty. And then he changed his mind.....
Paw Patrol? I'm not even sure where he even watched this but he wanted to be Paw Patrol. Whatever. At this point I was not going to spend a second making a costume that he may or not wear. So during a sprint through Target I found two Paw Patrol costumes for $20 and called it. I did put together some accesorries for myself and Daddy R. All in all it was pretty painless. Really glad I didn't spend a dime or second making Octonaut costumes! And of course, there is always one in my household who just doesn't want to follow the crowd. Ol' Ridge would not even wear the hat. Monster t-shirt for the win. I didn't even force it. Whatever....maybe next year.
Sky, Chase, Rubble, and Ridge!
End of the night with our favs!

Thanksgiving 2016
The boys have a Thanksgiving feast at school and I signed up for dressing. I was so stressed out reading the recipes online and kicking myself for not choosing "plates" like I normally do. Who has time to dry bread? When I confessed this to one of the teachers she started cracking up laughing and told me to buy a box of Stove Top! Seriously the easiest thing I have ever made. I ran out to the yard and cut some fresh rosemary to imply some kind of effort!

Thanksgiving day we begin early with a little tradition started by my sister. After a miserable Dallas Turkey Trot 5 years ago she decided to host her own with neighborhood friends. And the best part is you stop along the way and eat and drink. It really is the highlight of day. This year, being preggo and all, I opted to not be in last place all morning and drove to each stop. This actually worked out perfect because I shuttled children, coats, food, whatever I could pack in and dropped it at the next stop.
Oak Cliff "TurkeT Trot" 2016
Oak Cliff!

Time to eat!
My brother hosted down in Glen Rose. We were Thankful! We had round 2 in Dallas and round 3 in Richardson with friends. Thanksgiving is not a holiday where I snap a lot of pictures. But here are a few from the weekend.

Country jungle gym
Christmas Season 2016
It was fast and furious. We all survived. I think everyone felt a Christmas tingle at some point....and we all survived...did I mention that already. Sometimes it can feel like a beating and I have to constantly remind myself to be present and stop thinking about the 19 other events to come, or presents to wrap, and on and on and on.

Christmas Highlights
Well not technically a holiday event but it was in December. My family went to see Dolly Parton. And it was one of the greatest concerts I have ever seen. I seriously cried I was so happy. I squeezed into a sequined dress. I felt like that's what Dolly would want me to do. She is my Spirit animal!
My tribe!
Sue-sue and Ol' Stan the Man
Saw Santa. Rals was just the cutest! Ridge was a little cautious....understandably, and little Ridge is getting all kinds of opinionated. That stinker would not wear anything closely related to a sweater or vest. I settled on a t-shirt that said OMG Santa....jerk:)

Special visit from Santa at school!
Can you handle the cuteness?
Boys Christmas pageant. Ridge was Pig #3. Rals was in Inn Keeper. Both are totally natural on stage......just kidding it was painful! I did find myself being a total Kay Myers Jr offering to sew the wise men robes, followed by the holy family's costumes, and then finally the sheppards. I seriously whined the entire time. I should have just hot glued the damn things but I wanted the school to be able to use them I wouldn't be glueing next year! It turned out really cute.

Seeing our Colorado cousins.

Christmas Eve church with my sister. The boys were horrible! Like the worst! Scott and I live by the motto, We don't have to be the best, just don't be the worst....oh wow, we were the WORST!!

Christmas morning! Oh my sweet babies! Of course the chainsaw was a hit. I was kicking myself for not buying two. But Ridge loved his T-ball set and teaching sharing is important right? The real hit that kept them busy the longest. Punch balls, and the "growing animal" tablets. Target dollar aisle for the win! There is that OMG Santa t-shirt again because Ridge wouldn't wear the matching jammie shirt...jerk!

Cousin Time! We clean up quick and head over to have another Christmas with Scott's family.

Farm Christmas! We pack up again, this time with dogs in tow and head to the farm for Christmas #3! Phew, who is tired yet?

So my family makes gifts for each other. This is a tradition running well over 15 years. I can't remember when we didn't make gifts for each other. It is so fun and I LOVE now that the kids are getting into it. You never know what to expect. There is also an unofficial contest...being that my family is freakishly competitive at everything. This year we had....

Giant Porch Jenga - Poppie
Printed dish towels, over mits, and homemade jam - Lady
Screen printed pillows with original family logos - Drew
Personalized art - Tanya
First aid kit - Sue
Chex mix/ Cheese cake - Mike
Custom t-shirts - Scott
Crochet or guitar lessons- MG
Original short story - Jake
Ornament - Cal
Ornament - Ily
Ornament - Rals and Ridge
I kinda called it in this year....having to sew costumes for all of Bethlehem and all. I made dish towels with fabric details....don't really
know how to describe that... and painted some wooden spoons. Not my best year but still a strong showing.

My favorite gift was the story by Jake. It was seriously the cutest thing! Although Scott made me a t-shirt with Lionel Richie's face on it. Once this belly is gone I'm all over that!

Oh what fun! Is it over yet? NO!!

My parents took 7 grandchildren to see the Trains at North Park and they took public transportation to get there. It was a short street car ride, DART train, and city bus to get there. I offered to go for many reasons but mainly I wanted to see my boys ride the DART train...and not get left on one. They thought it was really cool. We all made it and not one child got a spanking although that word might have been thrown around a bit. What did happen was a beautiful rendition of "Wheels on the Bus" while we were on a DART bus full of passengers. Thank you Rals and Ily! It was a fun morning....I don't think I will volunteer to go next year! My boys had fun....I guess that's all that matters. So for $3 and an hour on public transportation we had a memorable morning. Can you see how much fun I am having?

Birthday Girl! We had two super fun birthday parties to celebrate a pretty big birthday for my sister. I wont disclose her age but she looks amazing for being the age she is!
Dallas Party
Farm was freezing!

New Years Eve
We partied it up at 4:30pm! Our awesome neighbors invited us over for dinner. It was exactly what I needed after a week of holiday adventures. Stretchy pants, yummy food, my kids had a blast, and we were cozy on the coach by 10pm. Happy New Year!
7:30pm....Happy New Year!
2016 Highlights:
Spending time with family!
Growing friendships
Oak Cliff Mardi Gras Parade/Ridges 1st birthday
Watching our boys grow into friends
Celebrating lots of new babies, marriages, birthdays, and baptisms!
Finding out we were expecting baby #3
New backyard
Zoo and Aquarium trips
Colorado vacation
(Raleigh said his favorite part of 2016 was hiking to a waterfall! I can't believe he remembered but he did. What an awesome memory I hope he keeps!)

Things to be hopeful for in 2017:
New baby brother or sister....hurry up!
New job opportunities
Girls trip...can we make that happen....can I bring a newborn?
Family vacations
Family reunions
Continuing to watch my boys grow and enjoy every second they are little because it's already going way too fast!

Oh wait there's more! Because celebrating Christmas well into January is what you do in this family. Fite family Christmas at the Brazos House. It was really fun. Super low key. Our gift exchange is bring something you don't want anymore. I love this idea because I there is no pressure to be witty or funny or overnight from Amazon because you forgot. The very best part about hanging with my extended family is seeing their kids and my kids play and remembering all the fun we had 30 years ago on the same swing, patch of grass, living room floor. I will say WE were so much better behaved:) Our kids are loud!!

Ridge is so over the holidays!
Ooooooh, one more thing. I'm still pregnant. Like super duper, getting stares at the grocery store, pregnant. Come on baby!! Let do this! I am most excited about going to the hospital for a nap!!!

Ok, I'll stop. I'm finally done.

Happy Merry Everything!