Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Wishing and Hoping...

...and thinking and praying.
Planning and dreaming each niiiiiiiiiii -iiiiii -iiiiiiiight........about our front room!
I have our front room on my mind today. So many ideas, so little time and money. Wouldn't it be nice to have all these things just magically appear. I'd pull into the drive way from work and have it all waiting for me on the front porch. Or better, all put up in the room. Some little junk store fairy just dropped it off. I picture her in dirty overalls and hot pink mud boots, hands covered in dried paint:)

We have been working hard y'all! Mr.R has a new love....our lawn. If it were a child it would be the most spoiled on the block. Putting down new sod has made a huge difference to the front yard. I'm not even sure if I have a before picture??? Dang it! It was pretty patchy though. I know it sounds really stupid but I am proud of him. He did not grow up mowing the lawn or working in the yard. He has totally stepped up. I can't get him to come in the house even when the sun goes down. Last night he was looking for his head 10:30pm!

I have been working inside the house.  It is very satisfying to rip something out of/off a wall. I've been frantically tearing out old telephone chords and patching holes in the walls and filling cracked trim. The amount of curtain hardware that has been installed, left, and painted over is disturbing. Who does that? I have also been scraping the wallpaper in the pink bathroom. Huge job!

We have been up late the past two nights working on our little house. I'll post a progress picture soon! Until then just wish with me. Wish for hanging curtains, rugs, vintage bar set for my bar cart, wish for frames with cool prints, and an awesome grey settee. Wish for trim to be white and an awesome re-purposed wood mantle installed. One day, one day!

Happy Wednesday Peeps! Keep Wishing!

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