Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Guest Room Revamp

Hi. Anyone who has a blog has the ability to look through and see how many times a post has been viewed. Surprisingly, Be Our Guest has been in the lead...by several hundred views. I don't know why this surprises me so much. Maybe because I posted the room before it was even finished. Since then I have added a few more little things. Swapped out the vanity desk for a dresser that I love! My picker aka Lady Kay scored this pretty girl via her picker at a Granbury auction of all places. Brace yourself for how much I paid for this. $75! I know, I can't believe it either. I was eyeing less cool dressers at White Elephant for over $300. God bless Granbury! The dresser still had the vintage contact paper in pristine condition in the drawers. I left it, just too cute to take out. AND, these totally awesome vintage pulls! Shut up, right?!?!

What else is new? Burlap curtains, I just hemmed the ends and clipped them up. I had them tied back for awhile but it was looking a little too country and now they are just a wrinkled mess.
I hung my Bobo's oil paintings above the bed. This was a wedding gift from my aunt and I love it so much. I have been promised more of her flower still life paintings so I can have a little grouping one day.

I completely gutted the closet. This included removing the previous security system, and then patching the gi-normous hole it left. Mr. R so graciously hung new rods so I could double up in this tiny space. Yes, closets in old houses are less that ideal....we manage the best we can people. I would live in a tent on this block, closets are not an issue!

I had to move the trunk under the map to make room for the dresser but I think it makes a nice grouping don't you think?

Ok, that's all I got folks. Happy renovating....said no renovating couple ever!

Someone come spend the night!

Monday, January 7, 2013

Cheap vs Thrifty

West Elm
Who gets the West Elm catalog? It's pretty awesome right? I love West Elm we have two pretty big items from there and I have no complaints. I love how they combine modern, rustic, and eclectic without looking cheesy or forced...you go WE!

So on the catalog cover this month was the Emmerson bed and head board. I have been secretly admiring this beauty for awhile but just can't seem to convince my husband we need to throw down $1399 on a new bed.

Guess what my amazingly gorgeous, talented, smart, funny husband did for me? He made me a head board. I know, I know, he's pretty great. I hope this wont embarrass him but my husband is....errrr WAS in the past, not handy at all. Look at his pretty work! And all for a whopping $24. Yep, 2-4 y'all! AND, I kind of like ours better. We used the same stain as our mantle, four pieces of wood and screwed that bad boy into our West Elm platform bed. AAAANNNNND DONE!


Entire bed
 Here are some more pics of our bedroom. It's about 90% finished. This is the only masculine space in our home....you gotta give them one room right, right ladies.
Remember this dresser?

Love me a map!

Our wall color is called Burlap. You can see in this picture from the Christmas present my sister made us that it is truly the color of ....burlap! Some of the pictures it's reading yellow but I promise it is not.

Vintage typing tables as side tables.

Our house was built in 1949 when people were apparently miniature . It's a small space but we make it work using simple pieces and keeping them low to the ground. I made the curtains too. Nothing fancy, just simple clean white linen.

Am I cheap? Hell no, I'm thrifty y'all! And my husband just saved himself $1,375.

Happy Saving!