Wednesday, March 4, 2015

A Baby Story...

I remember spending a large part of my middle school summers watch TLC's A Baby Story. Anyone else? I was so facinated by that show and I'm not sure if it is even still on the air. So folks, this is our story. Role the intro song..... the second delivery was NOTHING like the first.

My birth plan for baby #2 was the following....Stop at Chick-fil-a on the way to the hospital and take a good long nap before the pushing started. Oh wait, I really wanted to make it through the weekend so I could go to the Oak Cliff Mardi Gras parade which was 4pm Sunday...yes, that was apart of my birth plan.

And I made it to that parade! I ate gumbo, I danced, I jumped up and down like an idiot for plastic beads! I made it home around 6pm, fed the boy and the daddy some dinner, watched Downton Abbey and then it happened. This crampy gassy feeling. I did the only rational thing and 40 week pregnant woman would do.....I headed to Tom Thumb at 9pm to buy really rational items like vinegar, milk, apple sauce, Honey Nut Cheerios, and Febreeze. Really. All those items I had to have before bringing home baby. At this point I didn't think I was in labor I just felt incredibly uncomfortable. I caught myself doing deep breathing in the check out line. I should have known something was up when everyone in the store looked at me with great concern on their face.

Home by 9:30 I took a shower, shaved my legs, (I had washed my hair the day before lesson learned from baby #1) and headed to bed. About 11:45 I woke up to a very intense very long very painful contraction. Now I know what a contraction feels like....and that S*** hurt! For those of you who haven't experienced a contraction it feels like the worst gas bubble of your life with no relief. Or someone sawing you in half with a hot butter knife.....joking, not joking.

I looked at the clock and closed my eyes hoping to make it through until morning. After two more contractions I realized I wasn't going back to sleep. Mainly because I was hitting and screaming into the pillow a slew of profanities. I drug myself out of bed and decided if this was actually it, I might as well put on some make-up and really start timing these God awful contractions. At 1am I called my mom who didn't seem super concerned but I continued to pack my bag, pay a few bills, blew out my hair and at 1:30 called my sister to take me to the hospital. I wanted Scott to be home if/when Raleigh woke up. This was never apart of any plan but at 1:30am it made a lot of sense to me.

Of course Scott woke up as I was shuffling around the house. At this point I announce that I was NEVER doing this again. And I meant it. Down in my bones I meant it! This was it for us. Two was plenty!

Sue picked me up at 1:45am.....cold, pouring rain, we hit every f-ing light on the short trip to the hospital But man it felt like a lifetime. I was so uncomfortable I was biting the seat belt. I wobbled up to the desk and this is when I find it so awkward...

What can we help you with? It's 2am and raining outside, I am obviously extremly pregnant, what do you think woman!!!!!

....uuuummmm, I'm having a baby?

Yes, answered in the form of a question because I didn't really know if I was in labor or not. The nurses were not buying it. Maybe it was the blown out hair and full make-up that was throwing them off. Maybe it was the lesbian couple (Me and Sue) that threw them for a loop. PS we cleared that up really quick! So I was put in a room, undressed, onto the bed to be checked....

Nurse checking......Sweetie you're at an 8....where is your husband?!?!?!?

Holy moly! Sue's on the phone with my parents driving in from Glen Rose, and texting Scott. I'm still in a lot of pain and panicking that he was going to miss it. Also panicking that I wont be able to get my edipudral.

Dunnn- dunnn- DUUUUNNNNNN!

Because I am tired and I'm afraid I will never finish this dang blog post I will not give you the play by play of the next few hours. But everyone made it in plenty of time. I got my epidural. My nurses and doctor rocked. Lady and Sue were amazing. Scott pretty much kept everyone laughing. I pushed twice and we had a beautiful baby boy at 9:40am. Did I mention I pushed twice!

Happy Daddy!
I swear I'm covered in this picture!
Hi my name is Ridge!

We are so doing this again! That was too easy!

Welcome to the world Ridge Matthew. He is a sweetie! We are just over the moon for this little man. Role the credits and scroll the picture of the cute new born and the happy family.

Keeping it real y'all! 
The Ridgelette at 1 week.
Happy Baby #2!!