Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Crazy Organized...

Or just crazy?
The house is a wreck, we've been in and out all week and weekend and the house projects are piling up (along with dishes, laundry, and yard work). To say we are out of our everyday routine is an understatement of a lifetime. When your life is out of control what do you do?
I organize closets!

It got worse before it got better! Hi owls!

I was so lucky to have stumbled upon these plastic storage boxes, that are the exact color of my homemade owl wallpaper, in a stressed induced Target run last week. They were 5 for $5.99 so I couldn't pass them up. I have ten containers in total and I am affraid I will have to make another run this week for 5 more. I keep finding more stuff!

My everyday organization is not horrible. I just have too many things crammed together in one container. Which has been the whole life! I make the biggest mess when I am trying to find something at the bottom of a box and before the project is even started there  is stuff everywhere. This is usually when I am trying to run out the door to a baby shower or birthday party and I leave a trail of tissue paper and bows behind me.

I have over 100 bottles of organized by color!
My main objective is to get things organized so I can grab and go AND so when Mr.R needs something I don't have to stop what I am doing and go find it. The closet that had no purpose is now the craft/winter clothes/stuff that doesn't have a home closet! Welcome to your new home "stuff"!

I used chalkboard paper, left over from a friends wedding, for my labels. The great thing about this is it really does erase and I can move things around as needed. They are like contact paper so they stick BUT can peel right off.

I wanted the "stuff" I used the most right in front. Probably scissors and tape....almost everyday. Next is probably gift cards. I try to pick up one or two from the Target dollar aisle every time I drop in. Isn't that 12x12 discount space dangerous! I do the same thing with gift bags and after going through and cleaning out I realized I have more gifts bags than really!

Thank you for reading and keeping up with our little house adventure. The past week has been a living nightmare for my family. I am finding peace by working on our house. Mr.R says my go-to coping mechanism is tearing down wallpaper. Pink bathroom wallpaper down, hallway painted, front room trim painted, back yard flower bed weeded and's coping or crazy...or both. If you are interested in knowing more please visit my brothers blog post as he can paint the picture far better than I can. My sister is asking for prayers on her blog as well. I am not ready to put it all out there yet. I am praying for a miracle.

Please pray for my family.

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