Thursday, April 16, 2015

Derby "I do!"

Last weekend we celebrated a very special "bride -to- be". But before I go into shower details I have to explain how I know this wild woman. Jenny and I met the day we moved into the dorms freshmen year. Lets just say it wasn't love at first sight.... I don't think she really wanted to be friend with us (my high school BF and college roommate Patti), and we kinda didn't want to be friends with her either. True story!
As I'm typing this I am cracking up because despite our first impressions of each other (Colleyville snob, big ol' roll bangs, frosty white lipstick.....ok, that was all of us) there is not one college memory without her. We all became best friends after one night on 6th Street and here we are nearly 15 years later celebrating her upcoming wedding....

To say this crew has been through a lot together is an understatement. College friends our so special because they really become your family when you are away from home for the first time.

We love you Jen 00! 
That is a double zero because girl had custom plates on her red two door Explorer and she will never live that nickname down...holla!

Okay! Shower details. I have to give a huge props to my best girl Tavia who hosted the shower at her beautiful new house one week after they moved in....yes one week. The thought of that stresses me out but she somehow pulled it off and it looked amazing. Oh yeah, she cooked all the food as well. Over achiever making us all look bad. Like any good hostess we were emailed with several "to-do's" before the big day. We all came together with our best skill sets....crafting, cooking, drink mixing to shower Jenny with love.

**I really wanted to document every last detail because Jen's mom was not able to make the shower. She was in Dallas and unable to make the trip. We are all wishing Ms. Marsha a speedy recovery and can't wait to celebrate with everyone in a couple of week. Marsha, I know you of all people would have loved seeing all of the details that went into the day. Lots of love! We will see you soon!

The theme was Kentucky Derby. All of the beautiful ladies wore their best derby hat which was so cute and fun but incredibly hard to hug people! We were all laughing because when you are wearing a hat and a dress you seem to act a little more proper than normal. Most of us!


So pretty!

Ok, what made this shower special....
The food! Gorgeous and delicious! All traditional Derby cuisine...again, thanks to Tavia!
Flowers everywhere! Tiny gold horses! Moss letters and horse shoes! Custom college education really paying off here! Yummy drinks!!! Printed photos of the bride and groom all over the house! OMG and a beautiful bride! I was cussing her tiny waste. The only human who could fit into that outfit (I can't wait until she gets pregnant!)



....these two!
Hey little bride!

Could these girls be any more beautiful?!?!?!

Best friends for almost 15 years!

J + J

Everything was just perfect. Again, thank you to all of the hostesses and everyone who came to the shower to celebrate Jen. Just a few more days until she says "I Do". 

Happy Derby Bridal Shower!

Terrible TWO!

Terrible two? No way. Two is greater than one...and also tiring!

The transition from one to two has been easier than expected. I think we are just way more relaxed this go around. It helps that the Ridgelet is a GREAT baby! And very tolerant of his very active brother. Don't get me wrong we have had a few up all nights and staring at each other with complete desperation. All with the understanding that this is a scenerio we created for ourselves. Some....errrr most....mornings the inside of my eyelids feel like sand paper! I think the big difference this time is we know there is an end to the exhaustion....sort of......there is an end right?

Ok, the non glamorous stuff first...
- The last eight weeks have been filled with LOTS of diapers! Two kids in diapers is no joke! If/and/or when we have another baby Raleigh MUST be potty trained!
- I am usually covered in spit up. Sometimes every artcile of clothing at once...yes down to my undies have been soaked by this kid. Why are my kids pukers?
- Sometimes it's pee....luckily baby pee just stinks a little.
- Breastfeeding is a full time job. Baby #2 has been easier but the constant eating/drinking/what time is it? Is freaking exhausting y'all!....crap where is my water bottle?
- When I am not feeding, wiping, playing, chasing a child, I am folding laundry. This is a chore I actually freakishly enjoy. It's like when you have no control in your life you can at least have clean clothes. Mr. R loves when I am on maternity leave because his clothes are washed and folded at all times...put away is a different story :)
- My pre baby body is NOT back...where did you go 2012? Maybe because I haven't legitamtly excercised in well...a year??? Judge away...I've been pregnant or nursing for like....EVER! It is on my to do list along with eat that plate of brownies.
- Daytime TV is trash! With that said I am kind of enjoying it!

The wonderful great stuff about having two babies....
- Oh my gosh y'all, the love is real! How is it possible to love these babies so much! I mean, unexplainable LOVE! Ridge is the best baby! I think I have bonded with him a little sooner than I did with Raleigh. Did that happen with anyone else's second child? I don't know why but this kid stole my heart right away. He is just a little nugget....uuuuhhh, just the best boy!
- Our house feels full to me. Which I love! Full in a good way. Plenty of room for one more Scott!
- Ridge is a great eater...obvioulsy! A good sleeper...most nights! Very tolerant of big brother....except for the WWE wrestling moves. He's just a wonderful baby.
- Raleigh is a 20 month old mess but he is at his peak cuteness! He is talking so much and cracking us up constantly. He calls Ridge "Bubba". This is something he came up with himself and it is so stinkin' precious!
- We are out of the house a lot more than I was with Rals. Probably because I am so much more relaxed about EVERYTHING. Ridge went to the zoo at two weeks and a family vactaion to Broken Bow at three weeks. Raleigh didn't see the light of day until he was two months old.... I was losing my mind!

I feel like there is so much more to share but I have to chug a glass of water and eat some peanut butter....out of the jar!

2 weeks
2 weeks

3 weeks....we can't figure if he's cute yet????

Baby love!
Raleigh 20 months!
6 weeks and smiling!!

Here are the most recent pics of my tiniest boy!

Ridge at 8 weeks...yes in the same outfit from 6 weeks...ooops!

My cup runneth over! Happy mama!