Sunday, May 6, 2012

Table for two....

...or four!

Two years ago my mom bought this sweet little wooden breakfast table down in Round Top on a girls trip. On that trip she was buying all kinds of goodies to furnish her B&B. I guess this little guy didn't make the cut because he lived in the dirty barn up until my wedding day, about a year later. As the barn "catch all" table it held a 1984 computer monitor, multiple tools, barn dirt, barn cat , and God only knows what else. We drug it out and dusted it off and threw the programs on it for the wedding. I love this table! I think it is a perfect size for a breakfast table. It is super sturdy and has just the right amount of scuffs and dents to make it special.
So pretty and perfect!
I put our engagement pictures in an old ledger and everyone wrote sweet messages around them. One of my most treasured things.

It is pretty cute white but I sanded it and it needs a fresh coat of paint. I also pulled 4 white chairs out of the BHR "big house" for seating. Grand total for this project? Free! Well, thanks to my Lady who gave me the table and chairs.

This breakfast table is not to be confused with the dining table which was an another weekend of sanding a staining. The R's eat about 95% of our meals at this little table and we love it. We make it a priority to sit down and eat dinner every night together. We are officially back into the swing of cooking balanced meals again. That whole cooler/no oven episode really threw us off our routine.

Happy Eating!

Wedding photos by Zenia Curiel

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