Saturday, May 12, 2012

Always a Bridesmaid Part 2

Today I went to the cutest "Tiffany's" bridal shower for my bestest and bride-to-be. Everything down to the hostess outfits were Tiffany precious!  Sipping champagne and looking at beautiful dishes is not a bad way to spend a dreary Saturday.
The cake was so beautiful and tasted amazing, always a plus!

Shut your face it's powdered donuts!

Favors....which I forgot....shoot!

I cannot get over this gorgeous cake! LOVE!

There is nothing I love more than to walk into a strangers house and for them to offer me a mimosa....OK! And then it came with Tiffany blue sugar! Me in heaven!

A little peak at the beautiful couple!

Ok, so I am obsessed with this. You know I was all up on this trying to figure out how the hostess pulled that off. Wrapped the foam cone with white thick yarn, toothpicks, donuts....done! Love it, I thought it was such a cute touch since this is the brides favorite snack.

I was trying to think what other foods you could stick to a foam cone. Maybe I'll make one with bacon for Mr.R for his birthday....that is his favorite! I am totally stealing this idea for the next shower I throw....who will be next?

Happy Wedding!

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