Monday, June 23, 2014

Summer Lovin'

The start of summer is very nostalgic for me. 4 years ago this very week Mr. R and I started dating. 3 years ago this week we got engaged. 2 years ago we were knee deep in a house renovation and packing for our Croatian adventure. Last year Scott was in the middle of 3 intense certification classes and I was hot and HUUAAAGE! Just 12 months ago we were getting ready to have a baby and everything that goes along with that. We had no idea what we were about to get into. We consider ourselves incredibly lucky/blessed/fulfilled.

This June has found us both teaching summer school which is always bitter sweet. It's fun and easy and the money is great but it means Raleigh is not with us. I am driving 45 minutes both ways. Everyone who knows me is very aware I do not leave my 10 mile bubble....EVER! Scott calls me a south Dallas snob...I'm ok with that. Hats off to anyone who has to sit in traffic everyday year round. No thank you! 3 more days of summer school and then we are officially on vacation! Which for us means hanging out with Rals and the dogs and working on our house.

Raleigh boy is 11 months old. I can't believe it's been almost a year since we brought him home from the hospital. What on earth did we do before him? Why did I ever think I was tired? Why was my house not spotless? Why did I ever dread running errands alone? Thankfully we are not as home bound as we were in the beginning and we do get out but when your kids still naps twice a day your outings are pretty close to home (10 mile bubble).

Raleigh has been pretty spoiled playing with his cousins, swimming, jumping on trampolines, going to the park, etc. We are so incredibly lucky to have family so close that can help when we need them. Aunt Sue-Sue has been our savior the last three weeks...she's just the best if you didn't already know.

Raleigh is not walking but running everywhere. He is all boy! Climbing, throwing, eating dirt. He loves to sweep/swiffer and water the plants. He have been chasing the dogs around and he giving them a little taste of their own annoying medicine. They are so tolerant of him....probably because he feeds them the good stuff! He eats EVERYTHING! I can't imagine the damage this kid will do at 16! He is still happy as ever. Just the light of our lives.

Just a few pics from our June adventures. Follow us on Instagram agr2023 and scootermirez.


Eating dirt!

Exploring Dallas

Helping mama

Passed. Out.

Next month is the big "1". Party planning in the works. My strategy is to start small and get bigger once the can actually remember being there. I'm too exhausted to have a Pinterest worthy party...sorry kiddo! I wonder what we will be doing next summer? Making memories!

Happy Summer!