Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Goodbye to a great year!

I'm sitting here holding/rocking Raleigh to sleep thinking about 2013. How do I even start to sum up the most memorable year of my life....

Let's start with the many blessings.

My husband. He wakes up to change diapers. He cooks dinner. He mops the floor. He tells me I'm pretty when I am covered in baby throw up and God knows what else. He is the funniest person I have ever met AND the best dad to baby R.

My family, oh how they amaze me everyday. My parents and siblings are more than my blood relatives, they are my people. They are the friends I want to spend my vacations with, my weekends with, they are my biggest supporters and I honestly could not be luckier.

My job. This sounds wacky I'm sure, but I work with some of my best buds. Transitioning back to work after baby boy could have been horrible and traumatic but my job allows me to have him 100 yards away. It might be closer I've never measured. It also doesn't hurt that one of my dearest friends is now my boss and threw me a huge bone and a very easy fall semester. And have I mentioned my students? When I tell people I teach high school they always make this "I'm sorry" face. I have to inform them that my students rock. They are so creative and witty and yes, obviously they are teenagers, but they are so sweet!

My home. I have been neglecting it but I love it. 2014 has big projects in store for you little house!

My friends. They are pretty great! And funny and gorgeous, generous, loving, smart, and on and on and on....making me a better gal just by knowing them.

My crazy ass dogs. Oh dear Lord! Sometimes I lay in bed thinking how easy life would be without them. Clean house, clean floor, clean couch, no poop, no walks, no barking, no diaper eating....I could go on. And then I think about our family walks, the living room wrestling matches, Nelson snoozing on every coach his stubby little legs can crawl up on, George's handsome face, the constant licking of the baby. They are a mess......but they are our mess and we love them. When we adopted W. Nelson this fall everyone said we were crazy getting another dog with a new baby. But it has been the easiest transition. The boys love playing with each other and baby R loves watching them.

And lastly my boy. I could talk all day and night about every tiny detail I love about this baby. He is the best thing I have ever done. He is the best part of my day....everyday! His smile literally makes my heart leap. After 32 years on this earth I now know what my job is....to be this kids mama.

Highlights of 2013....
Obviously the arrival of baby R was the biggest!
My art students won 3rd in state! Whoo hoo!
Some very fun weddings; Robbie and Eddie, Chris and Katy, Amber and Jake, and Katy and Daniel
Family vacation to Hot Springs Arkansas!
Cousin Camp, Fourth of July, and many more awesome farm memories!
Mr. R went back to school and we, yes we, survived it!!
The arrival of W. Nelson!
Holidays with all of our family.
Baby cousin Ily, one week after Rals.
New second cousins; Juliette, Edie, and Hendrix
Lots of pregnant friends! 2014 will be busy busy!!
We saved A LOT of money not renovating the house....and I plan on spending that money in 2014.

When I asked Mr. R for some of his highlights he of course said the above. Then he went on to say how boring we sound. What's fun to us isn't very exciting to anyone else. Yes, the last 6 months we have been hybernating with our little guy. We haven't traveled, we've hardly gone out or even seen a movie but we have made so many great memories with our sweet boy and two wild ass dogs....enough to last a lifetime. 

Now, this year has not all been unicorns a rainbows. There have definitly been some downs. The stress of a new baby, going back to work, breastfeeding, and trying to be a good partner almost did me in. At one point I'm pretty sure I was doing a horrible job all around. But, just like with any life obstacle I/we took it a day at a time. An acquantaince at work told me I made it look easy. My exact words after I stopped laughing...

"Don't let the lipgloss fool you, I am a mess!"

And now the resolutions. I always try to make my new years resolutions incredibly easy because I don't really like failing AND I don't want to do anything that will cause me to be more tired than we already are. This year is no different. My resolutions will be manageable and enjoyable! Here we go....

Be a good friend. I am going to really reach out to those friends that I don't see often.
Travel with the boy (we already have one trip planned to CO....whoo hoo).
Try new restaurants.
Drink more water.
Do whatever it takes to breast feed until little man is 12 months old. If he looses interest thats fine but I will do my part.
Get back into shape *Disclaimer* by the power of breastfeeding I am back to my pre baby weight. This does not mean I look good naked yet....and this is my goal!
Try for baby #2. Yes, I'm putting it out there now, we want another one soon. If I took a pregnancy test today and it was positive I would be over the moon. And no, I am not pregnant. 

Nothing too crazy right?

With an incredibly happy heart we say goodbye to 2013 and with hope and anticipation welcome 2014.

Ringing in the New Year at 4:30pm!

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Christmas cheer!

Ho ho ho. Yes it's over. What a whirlwind of a holiday. Baby R had no clue what was going on but we enjoyed his little smiles all the same. We even got a few chuckles out of this kid.

These are just a few Intagram pics from December, follow me at agr2023 if you want all Raleigh all the time!!
Icemageddon 2013 
Oh hey Santa!
Oh Nelson!
Handmade holiday decor for the living room.
The best shot of all 3 boys....FAIL!
Rals and Ily Belle's first Xmas!
The boy got to take Christmas pictures at school and I love them! He is usually all smiles but on this day he wasn't into it. Zenia Curiel captured such a sweet expression of baby R and cousin Cal! Love love love these!!!

We are so blessed beyond belief at all of the love we received. I hope everyone had a very merry Christmas!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Sweet Soldier

Happy Fall everyone! Time flies when you're having fun...or you're sleep deprived. Either way, we are so happy to share photos of our sweet boy's baptism.

As For Me And My House We Will Serve the Lord
Joshua 24:15

We obviously knew we wanted to have R boy baptized. BUT...When? Where? Church affiliation? God parents? Who would perform the ceremony? Gown vs. pants? And on and on....

After really thinking and praying about it, the only solution we were both happy with was to have it down in Glen Rose. Right on the spot where Mr. R and I said "I do". And with the help of 20+ people we made it happen the third weekend in October at 11am. Under an oak tree surrounded by family, a few mules, chickens, and dogs, and a very curious barn cat. It could not have been more perfect weekend. Why would we do it anywhere else?

October 20th 2013

 Sunday Morning

The weather was perfect for a Fall baptism. The entire family rallied together for meals and we had a fun and memorable weekend. Add another great memory to the list.

My sweet friend Jim Martin and his family came down Saturday night. Originally I asked him to just take pictures of the ceremony. He took it upon himself to shoot the entire weekend and they are so special to me. Capturing a morning at the Brazos House is priceless. Everyone in their jammies sitting around drinking coffee. So many memories have been made in that kitchen. A huge thank you to our buddy! Jim also came over and shot the nursery hours before Raleigh arrived. He did such a beautiful job and never once called me a crazy pregnant lady:) 

You know, we kept it really simple. Just pressure washed 30 chairs the morning of the ceremony. No biggy. When I say everyone helped, I mean EVERYONE. Look at those sweet boys helping. Warms my heart!

It was a mad dash to the baptism finish line. Lots of scrambling at the last minute. Quiche, ironing, spit up, missing socks, etc. But we all pulled it together. It takes a village to raise a child and to pull off a Christening in our family.


 Raleigh's God Parents
Godmother Susie
Godmother Mandy
Godfather Drew

These two were born exactly one week apart. I have a feeling this is one of many special events they will be sharing!

Sweet Ily Belle in her Christening gown.

Raleigh Myers Ramirez is officially a soldier in God's army. It's a big job Raleigh Boy!

My cousin Mary came in to perform the ceremony for the babies. It is so special because she is family and that is really what the foundation of the Brazos House is built on.

Sweet Jess came for the weekend too!

A huge thank you to my parents who never hesitate to open their home to everyone. I was literally in tears as we drove away that weekend because this is exactly how I pictured my kids growing up. Running around, swinging, feeding animals, playing with their cousins, eating outside on the picnic table, getting dirty. Just the way I did. I would not trade that for the world. I know my grandparents and aunties were there with us just smiling away all weekend. I would also like to thank my in-laws and sister-in-laws who are always willing to go above and beyond helping with long weekends like this. To be able to share memories with both sides of our families and watching everyone form friendships is so amazing. And the love everyone has for our little man is overwhelming. What a lucky kid!!

Papa and Mimi
Lady and Poppie
There were so many great pictures from the weekend. I wish I could share them all. I am selfishly hiding them so I can use them for Christmas presents...they're so cute!

Oh Happy Day!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Oh October!

I'm back to work. I'm tired! No more afternoon naps on the couch with baby R. I am so very grateful to have a job where I can sneak down to see my little man once, twice....eeeerrr four times a day. I'm even more grateful his teacher can call me and I can run down and nurse if time allows. Such a blessing. With that said, I still wish I could stay home all day and nap. Especially now, as this kid is still up all night eating. No complaints, I will take whatever sleep I can get. Now that I am working I cherish those 3am snuggles.

 What is baby R up to these days? Rolling over! Laughing out loud, melts my heart, he laughs all the time! He has found his hands and moves them all day. He chews on them and even holds them together like he is saying a little prayer, super cute! He is working very hard with his Daddy on standing. Mr. R swears he will be walking at 8 months. Of course he is smiling, peeing, pooping, spitting up, and definitely NOT sleeping through the night. We had one night 10pm - 6am....but only one.


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Trying to throw together some Fall decoration is a little daunting but I tried. You have to at least have some pumpkins on the porch. Changed up the chalk board and threw a wreath together...literally. Hey, it's more than last year! Our Halloween costumes are hanging in the closet ready to roll....finished during my maternity leave. Otherwise we would be going as sleep deprived parents and a spit up covered baby. Pretty excited about Halloween this year. I wont say our family costume is the best ever but it will be memorable!

We have been enjoying this cool-ish weather. Baby R has definitely out grown any newborn clothes and he is happily rocking with Fall wardrobe. We have been pretty busy already and October is only half way over. We had a much needed weekend down at the farm. Raleigh had is first Mule ride with Poppie and he loved it. He fed the chickens and played with the new kitten and hung out with all of his cousins. This kid is spoiled! We also went to his first birthday party for cousin Charlie and celebrated more cousins at Mimi and Papa's house. So fun!

Hanging with my fav! Ily.

Ready to PAR TAY!

Happy birthday Charlie
Sweet cousins!
 We finally got to meet baby Cruz. He was so little compared to our very grown up 12 week old. I can't wait to see these two little guys grow together. I have known his mama my entire life!
Rich and Stan? Nope. Cruz and Raleigh!
Why is this baby crying?!?!?
This weekend we are headed back down to Glen Rose to have Raleigh and Ily baptized. It has turned into an all out family reunion. I am so excited to have everyone together to celebrate these babies! Of course I am bringing my on call photographer so we will have lots of pictures to share.

My sweet 12 week old boy.

I'm sure people are reading this wondering why I haven't posted anything about our house or renovating or painting and all the fun things I used to talk about. Well along with our poor dog, our house has moved down the bench. I feel sorry for it sometimes:( We have a few projects in the works. Works = my mind. Hopefully when we get a little time off for the holidays we can make up for lost time. Or we can sleep...we will see!
Happy Fall!