Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Mrs. Fix It!

Just call me Mrs. Fix-it!
When we moved in we had this weird cut-out in the dry wall. There was an old shirt stuffed in it. Fancy! My quick fix was not a wadded up shirt but a really classy trash can placed in front of it. It was hidden away in the laundry room so it wasn't on the top of my to do list. But every time I threw away a dryer sheet I cringed at the sight of this "hole". And trust me friends if you saw this house you would be surprised I bothered with this....oh-so-many projects to do!

It had to be fixed and it was so small and teeny tiny I thought I could for sure do it myself. So that's what I did! Home improvement store repair kit to the rescue!
Dry wall screen - $6
Spackle - $6 (but I already had it so lets say FREE)
Sand paper - had it
Paint - remember the blue laundry room paint uh-oh?!? A lot left over!

ANNNNNDDDD done! It's not perfect but it only cost $6 and really, the trash can does sit right in front of it.

Along with "working on the house" we have officially started summer. Which doesn't mean a whole lot right now because we are both still working. The R's feel like summer is when we really shine. We fell in love over the summer and I wanted to share one of my favorite us memories. Two years ago I fell hard for this man and last weekend we had a little reenactment of the first night we "started liking each other". Pictured is our awesome friend who so kindly posed with us again. Check out her blog here.
Aren't we babies! Guess what year we can remember? Prior to the 2010 photo I had taken my first and last Irish car bomb. I have matured so much in two years (slight sarcasm). Those pictures will never be posted anywhere....EVER! We feel so lucky to have such a long break and so many fun things planned over the next few months. Vacations, weddings, and of course......home renovations!

Happy Summer!

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