Monday, August 17, 2015

6 months old...whoa!

Our sweet baby Ridge is 6 month old...yesterday. Happy 1/2 birthday Ridgey, Bubbie, Ridgelet, Bubs, Ree Ree....the list goes on.

Ridge has been the coolest kid. He is down for pretty much anything. Car rides, play dates, water parks, family reunions, late night birthday parties, hair cuts, school.

Baby boy sleeps through the night if you count waking up at 11pm and 3am sleeping through the night (jerk!). He is eating solids like he is been doing it his entire life. He loves everything, even kale! So on trend Ridge! He is sitting up on his own and loves to play with all of his brothers toys...none of that baby stuff. He is not crawling and hates tummy time. He might never crawl because I hate to hear him scream! He jibber jabbers all the time but it's hard to hear him over his two year old loud mouth brother. He laughs so hard he does the "nerd laugh". So stinkin funny. He loves a good bath, and of course, his best friend in the world is Raleigh....he tolerates Nelson...we all do....

He is just the happiest boy! I can't wait to see what he turns into.

I really told myself I would post a bunch of pics for a half birthday but I could not resist. He was cracking me up with all of his faces.

Who me?
Oh little boy! Stop growing up so fast!