Monday, June 25, 2012

Packin' light!

Well, we have wrapped up our summer school gigs and we are getting ready for our big trip! Two weeks abroad and it can not come fast enough. We have been planning this trip unofficially for over a year. Way before engagements, wedding plans, house hunts, or paint swatches.

We didn't have a long honeymoon after our wedding. A small compromise for planning a wedding in 4 1/2 months I guess. In our professions taking off mid year is a nightmare so we waited for the summer. Worth it? Oh yes! We actually had time to plan our trip. I'm trying to imagine tromping through Europe after our wedding whirlwind. I was a zombie for about a week after so I am glad we waited.

I know everyone has thier own opinions about traveling and packing. I just wanted to share how I pack for long trips abroad. It really does work! AND I wanted to take some pictures with my new camera:)

Instead of a purse I opted for a small backpack. We needed something for the camera, waterbottles, and maybe a beach book. I know what you are thinking. I will look like a tourist! But maybe a little cooler than the guy with his camera around his neck and socks with sandals! From traveling before I learned you should not carry a bag that someone can easily slip their hand into on a train....or market....or anywhere! I picked up this little gem at Target. Loved to pop of neon! Trendy? Yes, have you seen teenagers recently? I am ok with that!

We will be traveling by plane, train, bus, by foot, and boat and I want to be able to carry everything in one carry-on....each! Gasp...I know we're crazy! Really this decision comes from fear of losing a bag in a foriegn country. I kind of want my toothbrush and undies at an arms reach. Especially if I am running through an airport trying to make a flight connection.

Let me break down what we were going to be doing on this trip. Walking, eating, shopping, biking, hiking, swimming, catching trains, sipping wine, and watching sunsets. What do I need? Simple and basic. A super simple color scheme. Layers! Comfortable shoes! We are not going anywhere fancy enough for heels so I am not even bothering with a dressy shoe.

I decided that my "go to" would be black and white with pops of color. Black and white patterns just stand out in photographs so that's what I went with. Keeping it really simple so everything could mix and match.

Years ago a friend told me when she traveled she packed only black and then changed things up with jewelry and scarves because they take up less room in your suitcase. I really can't see myself in black everyday so I added some punches of color. I am taking a pair of running shoes since we will be doing so much biking and hiking. My travel shoe that I swear by......Reef flip-flops. Don't judge me! A huge thank you to my Lady who hooked me up for this trip. You cannot go wrong with these shoes because they are so comfortable, can be worn with anything casual, and can get wet and dry out without problem. Are they the most fashionable shoe on the market? Hell no, but they have made my trips a lot more enjoyable. They really have come a long way, check them out here. I am also throwing in a pair of silver flip-flops, they are flat and take up no space.

Another big traveling tip is a cami, or tank. I like to wear these under most of my tops so you can wear them multiple times. They take up such little space and really do save you from being a complete stink pot!

And people will ask what about toiletries? My one quart bag is popping at the seams! Well, we pack as much as will get us to our first destination plus two nights and then find a drug store!  Europeans brush their teeth too people! Maybe not four times a day like I do but I am confident we will locate some toothpaste. And if you know me at all, you know I never wash my hair...another gasp! That's why they made travel size baby powder....and hats....and dry shampoo!

More must haves....
wind breaker/rain coat and small umbrella
reusable water bottles *absolute MUST*
fold up bag for wet/dirty clothes
J. Crew chambray shirt....obsessed with this shirt! I wear it with everything!

House update: Our bedroom is painted and the curtains are up...ok, two are up. I also bought the guest room curtain fabric. Guest bathroom is finished too! When we get home from this trip we will only have a few days before we leave again for my cousins wedding in Colorado. So excited about that! Hopefully we can get some things cranked out in those few days.
Furniture! We definitly lack dressers, as in we have zero! AND Mr. R gave me the ok to start on the pink bathroom renovation when we get home. And me means a crew of professionals that I supervise. Yeah! No more Anne Frank bathroom!

Thanks so much for following our little blog. We feel very blessed! This summer is going to be so memorable!

Happy Traveling!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Be our guest....

We were a little bit rushed throwing together our guest room but an impromptu house guest lit a fire under our butts and we made it happen. There was really is no excuse why it has taken so long but here you go friends. It is not 100% finished but we can definitely accommodate a guest or two.

The second day in the house I went around and removed nails and filled holes. And so for the past few months we have been staring at polka dot walls. I might have jumped the gun a little on that project.

Let the pastel wall color continue into the guest room. The color wasn't horrible but it was filthy so they had to be painted. The walls and trim in this room were a wreck. Holes, huge patches, painted over phone cords, such a mess! I spent many hours just patching and sanding the trim. 

Some of my favorite things. Vintage pattern lamp shade, turquoise alarm clock, photographs of of great vacations, and lavender from Lady's garden. 
Vintage dress form....hello gorgeous! This map was free thanks to a hoarding history teacher at my school:)
Three examples of things I collect; buttons, hat boxes, and my loves......globes!
Antique trunk courtesy of my mother-in-law.

I made these shams from a vintage chenille bedspread. It reminds me of my great aunt Teto who had something similar on her bed. 
Wall color is Sherman Williams Filmy Green. It is really close to the previous paint color.  Just a little more grey-ish.

What we still need:
Vanity or dresser
Ceiling light/fan

The room configuration is still in limbo but fully functional. What is not really highlighted is my awesome antique bed that was a graduation present from my Lady. We bought it at an antique store that just so happened to be in the basement of a Tigermart in Glen Rose. I love this bed so much! When I hang the curtains I will feature the bed too. I want to apologize for my janky photos. My iPhone is just not cutting it. A new camera is on the horizon!!

Who wants to come spend the night?

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Mrs. Fix It!

Just call me Mrs. Fix-it!
When we moved in we had this weird cut-out in the dry wall. There was an old shirt stuffed in it. Fancy! My quick fix was not a wadded up shirt but a really classy trash can placed in front of it. It was hidden away in the laundry room so it wasn't on the top of my to do list. But every time I threw away a dryer sheet I cringed at the sight of this "hole". And trust me friends if you saw this house you would be surprised I bothered with this....oh-so-many projects to do!

It had to be fixed and it was so small and teeny tiny I thought I could for sure do it myself. So that's what I did! Home improvement store repair kit to the rescue!
Dry wall screen - $6
Spackle - $6 (but I already had it so lets say FREE)
Sand paper - had it
Paint - remember the blue laundry room paint uh-oh?!? A lot left over!

ANNNNNDDDD done! It's not perfect but it only cost $6 and really, the trash can does sit right in front of it.

Along with "working on the house" we have officially started summer. Which doesn't mean a whole lot right now because we are both still working. The R's feel like summer is when we really shine. We fell in love over the summer and I wanted to share one of my favorite us memories. Two years ago I fell hard for this man and last weekend we had a little reenactment of the first night we "started liking each other". Pictured is our awesome friend who so kindly posed with us again. Check out her blog here.
Aren't we babies! Guess what year we can remember? Prior to the 2010 photo I had taken my first and last Irish car bomb. I have matured so much in two years (slight sarcasm). Those pictures will never be posted anywhere....EVER! We feel so lucky to have such a long break and so many fun things planned over the next few months. Vacations, weddings, and of course......home renovations!

Happy Summer!