Monday, June 24, 2013

What's in a Name?

Poor Kim and Kanye. Why do people care so much? And North is kind of a cool name...

We have been going back and forth for months, 9 to be exact, with first and middle names and can't quite choose one for sure. It probably makes it more difficult because we don't know the sex of the baby. Our family and friends...and a few students have offered some suggestions. Sometimes I can't figure out if people are joking or if they are serious so I just smile and nod and say "Good names!" No need to offend anyone right? And most are great names....

Why was naming our dog so easy?
So in love!
George Strait was the easiest decision I have ever made. And it fits him perfectly. I know I am a little obsessed with this dog. Sorry! It's a strong name, gets a laugh at a party and can be shortened to George or Georgie. Great name!

My biggest hang-up is the nickname. My entire family is really into the nicknames. We shorten, extend, or create completely new names. This is why I'm worried. What if you name your baby Fisher, which is a name I really like and we considered for a hot minute, and people call him Fish??? And when I say people, I mean me!

A short list of some immediate family members....

J. Stanley - Stan
Linda Kay - Kay
Richard Andrew - Drew aka Doo doo
Susan - Sue aka Sue-Sue aka Susie
Allison - Allie aka Al aka Big Al aka "Leetle"
Mary Grace - MG
Jacob - Jake aka Jakers
Cal - Callie
Truett Greer - Crash aka Crasher-man aka "Jermaine"
Modenia Earl - Dene
Vera - Teto
Edith - Edie
Florene - Bobby aka Bobo

....I know it's weird. Even Scott is now Scooter, which is a pretty common nickname for Scott. I call every single one of my friends by a nickname. Sometimes it is just a the shortened first syllable.

Tavia - Tav
Tiffany - Tiff
Jessica - Jess get it. We all do it. Sometimes you throw a Y at the end to be fancy.

And sometimes extra syllables are added...
Patti - Pattison aka Pattison Elaine and sometimes just Elaine
Jenny - Jen 00 (pronounced double O) this is for a really embarrassing license plate she had in college:)
Kristen - Kitty

I call my cousin Ashley, Ash-can, and yes I know that sounds like trash can. Why does she let us do that? Mr. R says I need to get over the nickname hang-up. But I think about it a lot. I don't want a name that rhymes with anything vulgar...I want my children to be able to play the name game, doesn't everyone? Sorry Chuck, your off the list.

We also know we don't want a name that is going to be crazy common. I pulled this off the Social Security Administration web page for the top names of 2012. Any of those names look familiar. I'm related to a few*.


Here are a few name suggestions we have received from family and friends....all good names of course:)

Girl Names

Boys Names
Scott Alfred Ramirez Jr.....this one by far is the funniest! A big sorry to my mother-in-law but Mr. R vetoed this one.

Again, all great names. Can't wait to really get in there and it narrow down. What I do know for sure is that if it's a boy the middle name will be Myers, my maiden name. Mr. R didn't fight me over it so that is decided. Get your monogram machines warmed up it will be __________ Myers Ramirez  for a boy and _____________ _____________ Ramirez for a girl. Ok, so maybe wait just a little bit before you start monogramming.

My brother Drew is having a raffle for his baby girl's middle name due a few weeks after our little bundle. You can read all about it on his blog Defining Audacity. He was on several news stations a few months ago. Haters be hatin' but all of the proceeds are going to charity not baby Ily's college fund. Although if someone wanted to pay for baby R's college they could name our baby whatever they wanted.

The nursery is coming together. I am still waiting for fate to step in and lead me to the perfect side table. Hopefully I will have the reveal ready to post before Baby No-Name arrives. Here is a little teaser...any guesses?

I am feeling oh-so very preggo these days! No more dirty's stopped being funny and is getting way too real to joke. Another human being will be leaving my body within the next four weeks! Wrap your head around that friends! All in all I'm still feeling ok. Teaching summer school has probably been a blessing in disguise. It keeps me on my feet, busy, and very distracted.

Here is what happens when a large group of ADD teachers and gifted and talented middle schoolers get together for three weeks in the summer. There is a back story to this photograph and I assure you I am not really smoking. It is part of a 70's inspired film festival and I couldn't say no to dressing in costume! Especially when there was ample wood paneling for background. This made me laugh all day into the evening.

Don't Smoke While Pregnant:)