Friday, May 18, 2012

Simple Life

The R's live a pretty simple life. We do not spend a ton of money on entertainment (we like to sit on the porch), or furniture (thanks to my flea market finds), or food (Aldi rocks), or gas (we carpool). Our weekends are usually filled with house painting/cleaning/hammering or getting together with friends and family. Pretty darn simple!

We were a couple, up until recently, that lived without cable! I know, talk about us...I went without cable for almost 2 years. I got so much done though, I was actually reading and sewing and not being a lazy ass! But once we got married we felt like being up to date on sports news was important....and so I caved we agreed. This also seems to shock people....wait for it.....we don't have a microwave! I know, we're freaks! We had every intention to buy one right after we moved in but we haven't really needed one. It might have been helpful when we were living out a a cooler and had no oven but we pushed through those two weeks.

We have been brainstorming/implementing ways to save, conserve, and reuse. Pretty basic stuff. Instead of running the AC at night we open our windows and turn on the fan. I know we are really progressive, no one has ever thought of this before. We actually cut our electric bill in half last month. I know this cannot last through a Texas summer but for right now we are rockin' it!

Now that we have our own little yard I have been thinking about ways to live a more simple life outside the house. It's not really about money at all, just getting back to basics. My parents live on a tiny farm and have a garden (free veggies) and chickens (free eggs). They have a huge compost pile which saves waste that can be used for fertilizer later. They even have a clothes line. Mr. R, why can't we have these things in our backyard?

 This is me brainstorming!

Mr.R is mostly on board with everything....well, the chickens are still up for debate. I can feed them and gather eggs but I draw the line at touching them, that would be his job! And then there is coop design. We want our chickens to feel safe and cozy. We actually have a perfect backyard for a small coop and two chickens.

Living Simple Goals: Phase 1
Compost Area
Clothes Line
Simple garden

Living Simple Goal (in a perfect world where I have lots of time and extra money): Phase 2
Chicken Coop + Chickens

What we have:
What we need:
A LOT of research

What do y'all think?

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  1. Hi Allie,
    Tanya said we needed to be friends! I can't wait to see what you do with the house. I think all your ideas are valid.I have a "chicken condo" in my backyard and I love it! A friend built it for me using a plan I came up with. He's great. There are some pics of it on my blog I've had a clothes line at every house we've lived it. I love them. We went a year without a dryer just using it. We also did a HUUUUGE reno of my daughter's house in SA so I feel your pain about living out of coolers.

    I'm excited about seeing what you do!