Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Call me Cruella...

Finally something to show besides that stinky baby boy;)

When we first painted the entire house almost two years ago I opted for simple in the hallway. It's a small cramped area and I wasn't quite sure how the space would evolve or if it would evolve at all. We removed the door frame and just framed out the door opening (pretty sure there wasn't even a door there...just hinges). We did our standard ceiling color SW White Duck on the walls mainly because we had with what you got people. I can't remember the original color but it was probably somewhere in the Easter egg family like the rest of the house. None the less we painted to clean up the joint. And then not a damn thing happened for two years. Well of course nothing in this hallway.

So now, two plus years, two dogs, and a baby later we are regretting removing the door. Wouldn't it be nice to shut off the bedrooms from the main living area, specifically the ice maker. Oh if we could go back. Well we actually have a master plan for the entire fridge to be moved another day and many dollars in the future so for now the hallway needs a little love. What we have...

A door that is opened or closed 50% of the time that separates the hallway from the front room. An opened doorway to the kitchen, usually barricaded with a wagon. Most recently trying to barricade the dogs and the baby. Attic fan timer, thermostat, alarm key pad, water heater closet, attic door in the ceiling, a very old ceiling light fixture, air conditioner vent, and an original telephone nook. All of this crap in one teeny tiny hallway!!

So ones first instinct is to paint light because the space is so small. But this is a very high traffic area and every little scuff shows against the light paint. I didn't want to go too dark because it is already so cave like. And then I found my inspiration. It's a little out there and I am not sure if I am even 100% sold on it but here we go. Spots. Not dots, not circles, straight up Cruella Deville spots.

I sent out some preliminary feelers to my people and got probably the greatest decorating advice of all time. "It's just paint". This very advice I have given on several occasions to different friends. I couldn't get it this pattern out of my head. Something about spots felt fun and flirty and glamorous. My life right? Total joke here. Black spots it is. Black?...ok they are Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black.

So the inspiration wallpaper was way out of my hallway budget price I even have a hallway budget? No. So I decided I could hand paint this pattern at a fraction of the cost. $6 total if we want to get specific. I just started making marks with my paint brush. Totally eye balled it.

I also replaced the ancient light fixture for $20. It's not my favorite but it is a huge improvement from the original!!!

I wanted to highlight the telephone nook and continue the "gallery space" feel with other framed pieces. I went ahead and kept the large green metal "A" and the shutter because I just love the color so much AND I have no other place for them.

I know it's out there but I really like it. It's a quick walk through and we are keeping it for now. I could never sleep in a room painted like this. It's just a small enough space to get the point across.

Warning! These photos were taken with my crappy phone....sorry.

*This post has been written for months but I hadn't found the perfect grouping for my original 1950's telephone nook. My awesome friend Katy, who has a love for the junk like me, found this little gem of a phone in Minneapolis....yes it crossed state lines for a whopping $8. Which reminds me I never paid her back.

$6 paint and an $8 vintage phone....everthing else I had around the house. I think I stayed on budget:)

Now that we are back to school and on a normal routine my goal is to post at least once a month. We will see how that pans out.  I hope everyone had a wonderful start of school!