Saturday, July 19, 2014

Dear Raleigh....

To my sweetest boy on his very first birthday,
One year ago today you came into this world with the biggest eyes I have ever seen on a new born baby. You wanted to see everyone in the room and I swear you smiled at me that day. You were so cute and little! I love you more today then I did then. How is that even possible? I am so lucky to be your mama. Raleigh boy you are the light of my life.

This year has been far from easy. I feel like I never really knew what tired was until you. Yes little boy, you have created a very groggy, unshowered, yoga pant wearing lady cruising around Wal-Mart at 5am. But through all those nights of very little sleep you have filled our days with so much joy! You are so stinkin' happy. Thank you or being the most good natured, charming, adorable little man I have ever known.

The best part of my day is putting you down for bed. You are just tired enough that you are not trying to crawl out of my lap (and I am just as tired). You get your orange fox blanky and roll it up and make a little blanket nest on my chest and up look up at me with those dark eyes. You blink so slow and heavy I swear I can hear your eyes close. I pat you and you pat me right back. You are my favorite one year old boy in the whole wide world!

I love that when you know you are about to do something "bad" you turn and make sure no one is watching. I also love that when you get busted doing something that is a "no no" you start running and laughing. Oh Lordy!!

I love how you play with every "non" toy in our house. Watching you push around the mop and dragging my curling iron behind you makes me and your daddy laugh. Boxes, hangers, cords, spatula, bag of ribbons, basically anything not in the toy box!!! I guess this means you are using your smart already!

I love that you love your cousins, and your grandparents, and your puppy brothers! I love that you sleep through the night. THANK YOU! I love that you will eat anything and everything I put in front of you. I love that you are dirty 90% of the day and that crawling in the dirt is your favorite outdoor activity. I love love love that you are finally enjoying books!

I love you baby boy. You are the very best thing I have ever done. To hear you laugh, to see you smile, to watch you play with your daddy, makes me the happiest mama in the whole wide world. Happy birthday!
How can I make him stop growing?

Thank you Heather Ford for these amazing photographs! And just another example of how strong willed this boy is, I put him in a nice pressed button up shirt for the photo session and he was NOT having it! He stood there with his arms out screaming until I took it off. I am so happy I have him in a t-shirt....drool and all. He is my cool, comfy, casual boy!

Monday, June 23, 2014

Summer Lovin'

The start of summer is very nostalgic for me. 4 years ago this very week Mr. R and I started dating. 3 years ago this week we got engaged. 2 years ago we were knee deep in a house renovation and packing for our Croatian adventure. Last year Scott was in the middle of 3 intense certification classes and I was hot and HUUAAAGE! Just 12 months ago we were getting ready to have a baby and everything that goes along with that. We had no idea what we were about to get into. We consider ourselves incredibly lucky/blessed/fulfilled.

This June has found us both teaching summer school which is always bitter sweet. It's fun and easy and the money is great but it means Raleigh is not with us. I am driving 45 minutes both ways. Everyone who knows me is very aware I do not leave my 10 mile bubble....EVER! Scott calls me a south Dallas snob...I'm ok with that. Hats off to anyone who has to sit in traffic everyday year round. No thank you! 3 more days of summer school and then we are officially on vacation! Which for us means hanging out with Rals and the dogs and working on our house.

Raleigh boy is 11 months old. I can't believe it's been almost a year since we brought him home from the hospital. What on earth did we do before him? Why did I ever think I was tired? Why was my house not spotless? Why did I ever dread running errands alone? Thankfully we are not as home bound as we were in the beginning and we do get out but when your kids still naps twice a day your outings are pretty close to home (10 mile bubble).

Raleigh has been pretty spoiled playing with his cousins, swimming, jumping on trampolines, going to the park, etc. We are so incredibly lucky to have family so close that can help when we need them. Aunt Sue-Sue has been our savior the last three weeks...she's just the best if you didn't already know.

Raleigh is not walking but running everywhere. He is all boy! Climbing, throwing, eating dirt. He loves to sweep/swiffer and water the plants. He have been chasing the dogs around and he giving them a little taste of their own annoying medicine. They are so tolerant of him....probably because he feeds them the good stuff! He eats EVERYTHING! I can't imagine the damage this kid will do at 16! He is still happy as ever. Just the light of our lives.

Just a few pics from our June adventures. Follow us on Instagram agr2023 and scootermirez.


Eating dirt!

Exploring Dallas

Helping mama

Passed. Out.

Next month is the big "1". Party planning in the works. My strategy is to start small and get bigger once the can actually remember being there. I'm too exhausted to have a Pinterest worthy party...sorry kiddo! I wonder what we will be doing next summer? Making memories!

Happy Summer!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Show me the Bunny!

I am still recovering from Easter break. We call it a farm hang over. Four days off from work was not enough...

Easter 2014

We had a wonderful time down in Glen Rose. Raleigh boy had so much fun with his cousins, Lady and Poppie, and all the dogs! Here are a few photos from the Easter weekend.

Saturday fun...

Porch time with Poppie
Sand trap
Trampoline fun

Oh Nelson found a few eggs too!

Sunday morning egg hunt....
While most families are posting pictures of the children in their perfectly ironed seersucker suits and smocked jumpers before the annual egg hunt, this is how we roll y'all.... Jammies or a diaper!

Easter Sunday Church

Two of my favs! 
Love these kids!
My boys!
Sweet MG, she is growing up so fast!

"Everybody wink!" 
Ily Belle
My favorite Easter bunny! 9 months old!
I hope everyone had a beautiful Easter! Pushing through this week and getting ready for our annual neighborhood garage sale. If you are in the OC this weekend come by and see us and all our junk!

Friday, March 28, 2014

March on....

How is it possible that March is nearly over? I swear I blinked and it was gone. We have been busy busy the last couple weeks having lots of fun with family and friends.

First off, I started the Lenten Season by giving up Facebook. Technically I deleted the app from my phone. I was spending a little too much energy mindlessly scrolling. If I was tired, I browsed. Nursing, browsed. Standing at the kitchen counter waiting for coffee, browsed. It got to the point where I wasn't feeling entirely present just being. So goodbye Facebook, see you after while! (now if you are reading this you think I have cheated but I can link to fb without actually opening my news feed. ) Instagram now is getting all my love. Agr2023....holla!

For spring break this year we (3 SUVs, 8 adults, 4 kids, 2 babies, and 5 packed coolers) headed to broken bow Oklahoma for the week. We stayed in a beautiful big house with an great porch and a hot tub. Spent most of the day eating drinking and hiking. Not in that order. We started House of Cards which has become our latest TV obsession. Raleigh boy went on his first hike and loved it ...or hated it. He slept so I'm not sure if he was bored or exhausted from all the excitement.

All of the kids were so fun and well behaved.  The babies kind of slept through the night. All of the meals were amazingly delicious and my wine glass never seemed to run dry. Beautiful family vacation. I'll try not to be too cheesy but my family pretty much rocks. We all really enjoy each other and want to spend time together.

Cousin time is the best!

Day 1 hike

Baby playing with a biggy!
Sweetest boy!

Day 2 hikers

Mr. R and I headed to New Orleans for one of our closest friends 40th birthday this past weekend. Our first time away for the boy. I thought I would cry all weekend but I was surprisingly ok. It doesn't hurt when you are getting pictures from the farm like this.... 
When mom and dad are away....the boys will play!
I actually did not cry at all. I did miss him like crazy and could not get to him fast enough. We flew home Saturday night so we could all wake up together Sunday morning. And baby boy must have got the memo and slept in an extra hour.

We had an awesome time and found some new favorite places to eat. Of course we have our usual go tos. Just a few random pics from the weekend. Nothing too wild!! We kept it pretty tame. Nice to spend time with great friends.

W Hotel under a cabana and a bottle of wine. Yes. Please!

Port of Call burger is my favorite lunch spot!
Happy birthday Mr. P!!
Raleigh boy is some how 8 months old! Crawling, and into everything! Pulling up and standing on his own. Time really does fly!! He is saying mama and dada and lots of gibber grabber in between. At dinner he goes into these long aggressive monologues that seem incredibly important to him. I wonder what he is trying to tell us???

Raleigh boy met his cousin Elizabeth!
The pups have also been extra enjoyable these days too. I found myself missing them on our trips. I have a little dream to rent a house somewhere for two weeks and take the dogs and really live as locals. That would mean we would have to be somewhere within driving distance that was dog and baby friendly. Any ideas? I would love some recommendations. Phew, I actually finished this before April!

Keep calm and March on!