Saturday, March 3, 2012

Frontier Living

So we made it through the move, barely. Closing on Monday and moving out on Wednesday night made for a very busy week. Oh, and we didn't take off work and had an all day conference today! I would like to publicly thank my parents who worked their tails off not only lifting boxes but cleaning, packing, and of course my Daddy who was our realtor. My Lady scrubbed cabinets and bathtubs on her hands and knees! Also my siblings, who don't play around when it comes to moving. There were multiple cars and trucks packed to the rim with our stuff. My sister even recruited her neighbor who had my entire closet in the back of her car. She was trying to carefully hang my wedding dress and I pushed her out of the way to cram in another box!
Is this how normal people move?
It was such a rush at the end. There were so many people just throwing things in boxes and bags. Mr. R asked me if this is how normal people moved. How am I supposed to know! A personal highlight....eeer more like blooper, of the move was getting locked out of the apartment while everyone else was at the house unloading. After 30 minutes of waiting I decided that running the 5 blocks (at 9:30pm) to my sisters house was my only chance for survival. I made it unharmed....and out of breath. After four very physical hours we were all moved out. Again, we could have not done this without the help of my awesomely great family! Moving is not stressful when you are surrounded by people who know how to work AND who make you laugh!

We are surviving.
And now we are in. I wouldn't say settled...I wont even say unpacked. We are surviving. Working through this whole thing has been a little tiresome. Waking up Thursday morning with a moving hangover and not knowing where ANYTHING was located, was a little stressful. We find ourselves walking around in a zombie-like haze in the mornings. Lets just say my outfits have been creative. Mr. R calls it frontier living. No fridge, no microwave, no TV or couch. We have our little cooler set-up in the kitchen. Currently there is coffee creamer and wine soaking in an ice bath, we have priorities! Last night we cooked spaghetti and I felt very accomplished since 90% of our kitchen stuff is still in boxes! Tonight was grilled cheese and soup.

We met with our contractor yesterday and we will hopefully hear back from him on a start date tomorrow. Tonight we have been moving all of our belongings into three bedrooms in anticipation for the upcoming renovation project.  All other areas of the house will be unlivable. Oh-what-fun! You can see from the pics above that the color scheme in this house is very pastel. Our bedroom (not shown) is currently a lovely shade of mint green. This is so unsettling for me! Really, it is visually it's hard to look at. I will say that the laundry room and pantry painting is underway and will hopefully be finished sometime this weekend...when we get a washer and dryer. Add that to the list! We have had our first "that doesn't look like the paint swatch???" moment. Luckily it is in the laundry room and it's really not that bad.
 Happy unpacking y'all!

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