Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Everything but a Break

This past week has been everything but a break! They should change Spring Break to Spring Busy. After the walking food tour of New Orleans we had a hectic day of errands in Dallas and then packed up for a quick road trip. Some of our best friends moved to Amarillo last summer and we have been dying to see their new place. Mr. R, my sweet sis, and her three kiddies, packed up Friday morning at 4am and drove for 6 hours! Well, Mr. R drove, I slept, changed DVDs, and provided witty commentary. We had a great visit. I did a little shopping thanks to my awesome friend and her antique shop….eeer garage. Who knew there were such great treasures in Amarillo Texas?!? Seeing their amazing house really lit a fire under my butt to get things decorated around here.
Amarillo by morning!

When we finally got back into Dallas we were exhausted! We were ready to see the renovation progress and finally sit in a quiet house and relax. Wouldn’t you know….we got locked out! Sunday night at 8pm! When we moved in all of the house keys were just in a random pile. We really had no idea what key opened what door. Changing the locks are somewhere between buy a microwave and landscape front yard on our ever growing to do list. I threw together two front door sets, one for us and one for the contractor. The rest are still in a pile on the kitchen counter. Isn’t it funny when you grab the wrong keys? No it isn’t funny at all! Really, we had the right keys to the front door but I had locked the glass door (I have no idea if a key to this door even exists). What made it even less funny was that we could actually see the door we couldn’t unlock.

Our neighbors think we are two dizzy kids. My very kind next door neighbor searched her house and even drove me to another neighbors house looking for keys. No luck, all of the keys were to the front door. Is anyone concerned so many people have a key to our house. I’m not…I get locked out a lot. And so we were still standing in the front yard debating on whether breaking a window or kicking in the glass door was a better option. We had attracted two sets of neighbors, had our contractor on the phone, and Mr.R was about to loose it. I was trimming bushes in the dark, I tend to redirect my focus when things get stressful.

Well we finally found a key! My awesome neighbor called the previous owners son, who had a back door key! Yay! No broken windows.
To do list…
#347. Make more keys
#348. Pass keys out to all the neighbors
#349. Save locksmiths number just in case

We came back from the ‘Rilla to find some great progress. We have been so happy with everything so far. I cannot wait to have the floors finished so we can install the fridge and washer and dryer.
 3 fans and a popcorn ceiling
Popcorn gone....yay!
Finally opened up to the dining room.
Sub floor installed.

Oh my goodness we have a floor....sort of! I love this photo beacuse you can see the guys working in the background.

Gosh, and if that wasn't enough our wedding was featured on Hello, Love. So fun! A huge shout out to all of the photographers. Emma Goode Photography, Zenia Curiel, and Jim Martin. Go and comment and say how pretty it was!
Phew.....and done!

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