Thursday, March 29, 2012

Laundry Love

Well it's kind of a before and after. More like a before and "currently in the state of functional". The washer and dryer have arrived and I could not be happier. I am using I and not we here because I have been the one tromping back and forth to the laundry mat.

Unfortunately the laundry room is not quite a room, more like a closet. It is right off the main living area so I want  it to be pretty at a glance.There is a lot of space though. Plenty of storage cabinets and enough wall space to hang the ironing board. The original floor was a disgusting linoleum circa 1975. Dirty, dusty, and dingy...the trifecta that has been the most common theme for our little house so far.

Are you grossed out yet?

Cabinets and walls were a dingy yellowed cream??? With a splash of gross! Ever inch had to be scrubbed and painted. The grey on the paint swatch turned out to be the babiest blue I have ever seen. Words of wisdom, buy the sample paint before you buy the gallon! Well, I made it work. I got over the fact that the laundry room could double as baby boy's nursery and moved on. I also wanted to put a decorative element on the cabinet doors, just to give a little interest. I brainstormed for about a day....or like an hour. Chalkboard paint on the cabinets? Chevron? Stripes? I went with a herringbone print. Instead of solid color I decided on a rougher look.

My very technical measurements.

A pattern like this needed to be semi accurate so I made myself a homemade pattern. I just measured a few things and figured out what looked best. I little ruler action and some tracing I was ready to roll. I recruited a little helper along the way too. Look at that concentration! I will say the area she painted is my favorite. That girl is gifted!
MG hard at work....gosh I love her!

I want to put something clean and fresh on top of the cabinets because it feels really empty up there. Milk glass maybe??? Ideas??? I had this totally awesome "A" just laying around the garage. An awesome wedding gift from my sister-in-law. I thought it went perfect with the grey and blue paint. I will hang the ironing board underneath once I get it finished.

What we still need....
Ironing board hooks
Ironing board cover

What would be nice to have eventually but not high on any priority list....
Cool narrow rug

Happy Washing and Drying!

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