Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Who Dat?

Who Dat! Or how Mr.R would say it, "Who is that?"
Our life is so hard! Completely false…..we are so stinkin' lucky! My sister and brother-in-law started throwing around the idea of a little mini vacation to New Orleans a few months ago. Way before we had even put an offer on the house.  And way before any renovations plans had been made. Spring Break 2012 for grown-ups (ish) couldn't have come at a better time because the house is a wreck and we needed a break from the dust. And I mean, do you really need an excuse to go to New Orleans for a few days?!?!?! 

Love the street tiles! Had to get a pic of an R.

My brother-in-law has one priority on any trip and that is food. For weeks he has been preparing our food itinerary for "The Big Easy". Not a joke either, we all received copies before we left for the airport. Phone numbers, addresses, hours of operation, and what to order. Many dedicated hours of Food Network research went into this three day excursion. And so, unlike most people who visit New Orleans for the booze, beads, music, and culture, we went to eat! Of course we walked and walked and rode the trolley up and down St. Charles and then walked some more. We ate about every two hours just to be sure we scratched off every place on the list. Some outstanding establishments included Parasol's, Surrey's, Mr.B's, Coop's, and Joey K's. By far the best thing I tasted was the shrimp and grits at Surrey's on magazine street. We went there twice for breakfast. Also a little shout out to the home made fresh bagels and lox. 

Shut the New Orleans front door they were amazing! 

And of course we did the typical walk around the French Quarter and Garden District. Cafe DuMonde which is always crowded and our waiter was horrible but it's just one of those places you have to go when you are in the city. 

Jackson Square with a Bloody Mary from the best place in NOLA!

French Market

And now we are home and a few pounds heavier. Lots of love to my sweet sister and my brother-in-law for a great weekend in New Orleans. Can't wait for next year!

House update: The house is coming along, thanks to the gentlemen who worked here all weekend. Can't wait to post some before and after pictures of the house. Ceiling is clean of all traces of popcorn and two walls have been knocked down. It is really coming together. We have been shocked at how quick it is all going!

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