Saturday, May 4, 2013

How things Evolve

We have been in our house a little over a year and feel like we have made huge progress. What people don't realize when they buy an "old" house, or any house for that matter, is that if you have time and money you can do everything all at once. If you are on the other end of that spectrum....two full time jobs, a full social calendar, out of town every other weekend, on a budget, throw in a crazy ass dog, it takes a little bit longer.  

We are so happy with our progress, even though there is still more to do! Our guest bathroom is my next big project. And when I say my I really mean very large trained professionals to gut the thing! Saving my pennies for that day for sure! And of course the kitchen is on the to-do list. We were laughing the other day telling a friend about our kitchen and had a very "first world problem" moment. Oh, our granite.....uurrrggg! Just not our taste (sour face). Then breaking out into laughter. Our life is so hard with ugly granite:)

The days I start making manic lists of the many many things that still have to be finished, I just stop and focus on how far we have come. So so so far! I love telling our house story. Really emphasizing how much we hated this house when we bought it! I mean it was really ugly y'all. And now I catch my self walking around smiling at how cool it is. It's still not finished but we are actually proud to live here.

A little walk down memory lane.....
Once there was a wall....
and then there was no wall.

A wall, and nothing else...
Opened up with a second hand....or third or fourth hand dining table:)
In a half crazy pregnant rant I decided now was the best time to re-stain the dining table. I am trying to beat the heat, mosquitoes and this growing belly!

Remember this guy? $100 on Craigslist including the chairs. This is a purchase I am so proud of because it fits in our space perfectly. It just needed a little love. 

Stain, coat 1

Stain, coat 2
One coat of polyurethane 
Tick tock tick tock

So pretty!
$100 table, one pretty crappy sanding job, $4 for two coats of stain, $6 for two coats of poly and one happy girl! Me! Now the chairs look horrible next to it but that my friends will have to wait for another day. I am no expert on staining but if I had to give any advice it would be take it slow. AND I should probably say pregnant women do not need to be doing this at all!! I was outside, with a fan, and a shirt tied around my face. 
This is what we're working with y'all.
Awesome vintage bar cart...thank you Amarillo!

So here is a before and after a year in the making.
March 2012
May 2013
Yay! So fun!!! Thanks for reading about boring dining tables. I think I'm the only one excited about a shiny table. I hope you enjoy photos of our little house. We have lots of projects in the works and hopefully I can remember to take pictures of our progress. 

Always Evolving!

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