Saturday, April 20, 2013

Garage Sale Glory

I love digging through junk? I like it dirty too. Don't give me a clean polished item. I want to crawl through a dusty field, under tables, and dig through buckets to find my treasures. I like the hunt! I feel like items are fated to me....I really do, ask my friends. There are certain objects in this universe for only me.

Today I was on the other end. I was the seller....the one who holds all the power....the "Fate Maker"!

Hello pretty things!

Everything and the bathroom sink!
 About a month ago I got an e-mail about our upcoming neighborhood garage sale. We live in a very tight knit 5 blocks. People have been driving by for weeks asking when the sale was because apparently we're kind of a big deal. Total joke, but people have been driving by asking. So this lit a fire under my, everyday growing bigger, butt and we joined the neighbors for a little Garage Sale fun!

Framed Dave Matthews poster? Anyone?Anyone? 
I've had a few.....eeeeerrrr 10 piles of junk growing since we moved in last year. Just filling up closets and garages. So I was happy to see my coat closet sans trash bags for the first time ever. I didn't put a whole lot of effort into making things pretty I just priced things incredibly low so I wouldn't have to drag it to Goodwill afterwards. 

Crap I had and crap they wanted! An old CD case including burnt CDs from Mr. R's "avant garde techno" phase....$3. Some people might think that is low but I was standing there with my mouth open when the guy didn't try to haggle me for a buck. Old dirty pots and pans, all gone. Folders, writing pads, picture frames, could have sold all day. 

No takers:(
You know what people didn't want? My cool stuff! Desk, coffee table, bar stools, ceiling tile, hutch.....nope. Anything that I would have remotely batted an eyelash at was over looked. Granted I priced these items a little higher because I know how cool they are and I only want them to go to a home where they will be surrounded by other cool things. Anyone else agree? Mr. R said I priced them not to sell. Well maybe:) But these shoppers were not looking for their fated treasures, they were looking for dirty old sports bras!

So the big downfall of today was when I got short changed. And until today I never really understood what that expression meant. Let me set the garage sale scene for you....

Shopper holding two pairs of pants........PS from the GAP! Pisses me off even more!
Me: Four dollars
Shopper flashes a 20 dollar bill.
Me: Do you have anything smaller?
Shopper knods her head no.
Me annoyed digging through my money bag wondering why people only bring 20s to garage sales these days when most things are a freaking quarter. I scrounge up $16 hold it out waiting for the 20.
Shopper: I already gave you the 20.
Now at this point I am a little flustered from fumbling in the cash bag,  having a foggy brained pregnancy moment, being asked by an 8 year old how much I want for an old back scratcher and I just pass her the money. I took her word for it. I thought that any person with half a soul would not steal from a garage sale. Oh......IT. F-ING. HAPPENED!!!! And the real crap part about it was I didn't realize it until she had driven away. So I did what any other crazy pregnant lady would do. I had my husband chase her down. And oh how I wish he would have found her because she would have gotten a very stern talking too......including a finger wag to the face and a head swivel. But sadly she was too fast with all that money in her pocket!!!

Enjoy your $16 AND your two pairs of Gap pants that you cannot fit above your ankle you CHEATER!!!

Who does that?!?!? So rude. It totally ruined my garage sale buzz and will forever change the way I give change! FOR-EV-ER! Phew, that was ugly of me, and now I'm done.

All in all it was a successful four hour day. I do not do all day garage sales folks!!! Our goal was to get rid of as much trash......I mean, items as possible and make enough for both of us to buy new running shoes. I know we are so lame! But we both wanted them and we thought that was a good thing to shoot for. After the sale and a quick trip to Half Priced books we took our earnings and not only got two new pairs of shoes but threw in some work-out shorts for Mr. R and a new work-out top for me.....AND some socks! All before 1pm! It was like getting free stuff! It was like we were the stealing overweight lady at the garage sale.....ok, maybe I'm not over it:)

That's what I call a glorious garage sale. We do have two boxes in the back of my car ready to be dropped off at Goodwill because that is NOT coming back into this house. My cool items you ask? Are all on Craigslist, there are just some thing your cannot donate.

Happy Hunting!

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