Monday, May 13, 2013

Have a Seat

Have I mentioned our dated kitchen? Well I just did. Our kitchen is livable for sure, passable by most and hated my me. But, like a lot of things, I deal with it. We have a "short counter" that pennisulas off of the main counter, that is table height. The majority of the time this space is covered by dog leashes, mail, and once a week the crock pot....ok twice a week. It has storage underneath that can be opened on both sides which is a plus, although we only use one side. This is a great little breakfast area! The weird part is that the overhang is not a true counter depth. Since we moved in we wanted to add some stool here. Even though three peeps would be wishing for some leg room I decided that three stools were a must. After really thinking about it, I realized the people sitting at this counter will be under the age of 5 and they seem pretty easy going about leg room.

Have you priced stools lately? They are crazy expensive, and it's like half a chair! I have been hunting on Craigslist with no luck, and constantly keeping an eye out for cool-ish, non plastic, non stupid table height stools at all of my favorite junk stores. Nothing! I really wanted something stackable so that in a pinch I could cram them in a utility closet. You know for those impromptu dance parties we keep having.

I browsed the web and found some really fun stools but could not justify spending so much for something so unnessecary. Translation, my husband would make me send them back.

I found these at Sundance for $195 each. Three colors available if your into that sort of thing. I really love these stool and I have seen them around town at different stores but at no price I wanted to spend. BUT if you are looking to buy me presents I would like three of these please:)

Design Applause for $320. Gulp....they are beautiful though. My husband however would throw me out onto the front lawn if I came home with three of these gorgeous girls.

$50 from Target. Ok, now we are talking a number I could justify. I thought these were kind of fun but they don't stack!!

 And lastly these perfect stackable stools at Wayfair for $371.96. Yes, that is three hundred seventy one United States dollars and some change. Ok, that's for four, so $92.99 each. Girl puh-lease!

What is a cheap....eeeerrrr frugal girl to do? Stop crying, put on some lipgloss, and go to Ross because that my friends is where I found the EXACT stools I have been looking for AND they are almost an exact match to the $90+ stools from Wayfair! Holla!

Please brace yourself for the really, sit down....

$12.99 each! I mean really people?!?!?

I wasn't even looking for stools. I wasn't even going into Ross but I had a second and thought what the hell. Y'all it was FATE!! There they were, stackable, solid wood, non stupid looking stools at table height. I didn't even care that they were black, 90% of everything that enters my house gets painted anyways so color means nothing to me. I thought this too would be a good excuse to use the rest of my bright neon teal paint from my hutch.

I added this "tree stump" graphic element because I thought it was fun and it gave the stools that special something. I just free handed it but I'm sure there are stencils out there if you are free hand challenged. I just used some random craft paint I had in my closet and a small brush. 

For under $40 I have three one of a kind solid wood stackable stools. We gave them a little test run on Mother's day. Ranger fan approved! 

Hello stools! Welcome home!

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