Sunday, May 5, 2013

Cinco de Derby

When I got the invitation to a Cinco de Derby party I was literally giggling with excitement. Who doesn't love a theme party!?!?!?! And not just one theme but TWO!!!

This is an excerpt from the invite...

In the spirit of Cinco de Derby, we encourage you to dress like one and drink like the other. For example, wear your finest derby hat and sip on some margaritas OR opt for the alternative attire and treat yourself to a mint julep.
If you're more of the Derby-infield type, Jorts are encouraged and High-Life will be available. 

Well it was a no brainer for me. I was going Derby and you know what that means! A hat!!! I strolled on over to the dollar store and splurged on a $4 sun hat. I actually like this hat and wanted to wear it after the party so I didn't want to destroy it with hot glue. 

Pretty simple to attach the fresh flowers. A little packing tape...yep, clear packing tape....and a little imagination and we were ready to roll!

$4 Dollar store hat
$9 Fiesta bouquet from Tom Thumb
Clear packing tape
 I actually had to sew a few stitches through the tape and hat to keep it secure. I hid the imperfections with a bow. No hot glue needed and all of the flowers stayed just fine. I even took them apart when I got home and made several small bouquets. Now have a house full of fresh flowers! Win win!
A little refrigeration before the festivities.
 A few party pics...

Lovely ladies
Cinco de Derby!!
Why don't we wear hats all the time?
This is me wishing for a mint julep!
Our gorgeous hosts!
Such a fun party idea! It was so fun that I can't share all of the pictures. No really, people might lose their jobs. Along with the mint juleps and margaritas, there was a pinata stuffed with tiny liquor bottles, and a very spirited game of beer ball in progress when I called it a night.

Happy Cinco de Derby!

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