Monday, October 8, 2012

Hello Hutch

Well I have gone and done it now! Please meet the world's brightest build-in. Good gracious, I am the worst paint picker. I am too emotional about it. I go when there is a sale and I have this weird buying high which leads to emotional colors like neon teal! I am totally exaggerating, it more like really intense neon teal. I made a little splurge on SW Cashmere paint, still 40% off of course. We now have a teal hutch y'all!

You must first see what we started with...

Please note on the picture above there are cans of paint, a pile of keys, and the always important wine glass! I think we had been in the house for one night at this point. Our counter pretty much looks the same.
Popcorn + ceiling  fan = gag reflex
Knocking down walls!

I've got some goodies that have been itching for display. Milk glass collection, Vintage glass odds and ends. Jars of cotton....just like your cotton collection right?

Finally my sweet baby globes have a home. Now I just have to find a place to the 10 giant ones I have. For about two second yesterday I thought about selling them. I lined them all up and was just about to take a picture when I remembered that I loved those round things too much. If I ever do sell them I will have to work out some kind of visitation. Y'all think I'm being funny but I really do love my globes.
Definitely still a work in progress.
Well it's an eye catcher.
Hopefully I will have knobs and handles on this bad boy before Halloween, that is my goal at least. I invited my neighbor in today to see the house and she kept saying how much progress we have made. I can't see it, I guess when you live in it everyday you just see the drop cloths and dust pans.
Ahhhh, finally!
With the hutch re-paint complete-ish I have two other semi big/semi time consuming projects in the works. They have to be finished by next Monday because that my friends is when our pink bathroom is getting smashed to bit. Yep, it's happening....about 4 months later than I wanted, but I will take it.

Thanks for taking a look at our little blog. The house is moving at a snails pace but at least it's moving!

Happy Hutch!

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