Tuesday, August 21, 2012

P is for Progress

Last night I had a nightmare about painting....painting trim to be specific. The six day Paintingpalooza is still haunting me I guess. We have one room left and I am still trying to decide what this room will be when it grows up. It is currently my dressing room and it would be really nice to keep it that way. Probably not the most practical way to use the space. I am throwing around the idea of an office but let's get real....we both have laptops that we use sitting on the sofa. I know I want a twin bed in there for sure. Office/dressing/small guest room???? One day I will decide, and hopefully that day will be soon.

Until then, big things are happening around here people. Old chairs are becoming new again. White fireplaces are getting a modern touch. Couches are getting sold on Craigslist. Yay for change!

This is what we bought. A giant brick fireplace...look close at the gingerbread trim above. Does this make anyone else cringe?

Oh, and the pink paneling. This is the trim I had a nightmare about. Thank the Lord it is painted! Again, my mother-in-law helped out with this monster. Getting in all of the little cracks was a very tedious job.

I have to show you the before of the chairs too. I bought these chairs at my beloved Buchanans Antique Market two years ago for $100. I got these for Mr. R when he moved into his new apartment. They rock and spin!! But they were covered in this itchy brown 1960's upholstery. I knew one day these chairs would be ours. I bought upholstery fabric on super sale and drove this pair for a long over do face lift. Refurbished springs and new foam to boot!

"Before" chair!
Back to the fireplace. We lived with the solid white brick for about two weeks and it felt too.....too something. Stark? Clean? Country?

Color blocking is everywhere right now....whatever, call me trendy...so I color blocked my fireplace. I used Silvermist from the front room and it compliments the Aloof Grey walls. I think the color could even be darker. I just feel like it gives a modern touch to a very tradtional fireplace. I would love love love to replace the mantle with a chunky railroad tie or something similar. Oh, one day!
Color blocked fireplace.
I have so many little odd and ends around the house I wanted just something simple for this mantle. Old ceiling tile - $10 McKinney, awesome metal R - garage sale, antlers - art room still life closet. Ha! No really they were my fellow art teachers and I asked to buy them from her and she said I could have them. I will probably be hauling these things to class for a still life soon.
Newly upholstered chairs and new paint!
Our couch makes it's appearance on Saturday. Great things happening in our little house people, great things! Cannot wait to show the whole space once it is all done. AND.....that will probably be in three years:)

Painted fireplace + new chairs = very happy girl!

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