Friday, August 10, 2012

Cozy in Korcula

Why has it taken me so long to finish the Croatia posts? Maybe because we have been painting a house, or driving to Colorado, or going to the home improvement store....5 times in one day. If you didn't see the previous posts about our Slovenia and Croatia trip, I'll quickly sum it up.
Ljubjana to Lake Bled to Rovinj to Plitvitce to Split to........ KORCULA!

We left Split via fast ferry which made me very happy because I didn't have to get on a bus EVER again. 
Trip Tip: If you are traveling by ferry buy your tickets before 9am the day you want to leave. We couldn't get on until late afternoon and missed most of our day in Korcula. 
These ferries are pretty huge and the water was smooth....and there was air conditioning y'all! Thank you baby Jesus! The ride to Korcula was absolutely gorgeous. The coast is peppered with tiny wooded islands surrounded by emerald blue water. We saw some very impressive private yachts and beautiful ships so the trip flew by....I can't even remember now how long it took, maybe two hours ???

Korcula Croatia
Welcome to Korcula
Our accommodations....huge apartment
When we arrived in Korcula I immediately kicked myself for not booking more than one night. This little island was right up our alley. Small, quaint, surrounded by water and mountains and yummy restaurants. There isn't a lot to see here,  one cute church and some old walls, but we had already seen so much we were ready to relax.

We rented an apartment that had two bedrooms and a big kitchen and eating area. Just steps from the church and up a steep stoned walk way. Every street led to the water! This would have been a great space for a week long vacation. 

View from our breakfast table....not to shabby.

I know you don't care what we ate for every meal but this breakfast was magical! Hot oats (oatmeal), fruit chutney, and cream......oh, and that's an olive in my oatmeal. I mixed everything together and it was like a dream in my mouth. Oh, and we were sitting in one of the most beautiful spots in the world. We rarely splurged on breakfast but this was so well worth it. 

View from our front door.

How awesome are these yellow doors!

We bought afternoon ferry ticket to Dubrovnik, checked our bags at a travel office and found a little beach just outside the walls of the city. There was a water polo court to our left at a private swimming club. Small boats lined the wall and the beach was rocky. I was a fish this day, I could not get out of the water, I just wanted to float all day.

At this point in the trip we are traveling pros. We wanted to get the most out of the beach so we bought a snack lunch from a near by grocery store and had a picnic on the beach. Crackers, salami, spreadable cheese, and apple juice!

Trip Tip: We bought straw mats in Split at a grocery store because the beaches are rocky. $5 each and worth every penny. They fold flat so they took up no room in our already tightly packed rolling suitcases. I would have really loved to have some goggles because the water was so clear.
This is where we spent the day swimming!

I didn't want to leave Korcula. We only had about 20 hours there but it was a lovely 20 hours. If you find yourself in in Dalmatian Coast give Korcula at least two days just to unwind. We both found this island to be very romantic, easy to navigate, and quaint.

Ok, one more town to post, hopefully I will get through the Dubrovnik pictures before we head back to work on Monday....groan, sigh, whimper, foot stomp! What a summer though! I keep saying that but it really has been such a great time in our life. Very happy to be with a great man, living in our cute little house, and getting to travel around the world. Lots of love!

Keep it Cozy!

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