Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Oh Estes!

I know I haven't even finished with our Croatia trip. There are just so many pictures y'all.......

After a whirlwind wedding weekend in Denver the whole family drove up to Estes Park for two days. It was a quick trip up to the mountains but we had a few great hikes and some good ol' fashioned family fun time....because there were no TVs.

Traveling with four small children was actually really fun! There was no major melt downs. I can say that because I was in the grown-up car most of the time. Who wants to squeeze those babies? So precious!

We thought we could cram in a few hikes while we were in Estes so we drove into Rocky Mountain National Park. When I think hiking, I think about quiet, walking slow to enjoy my surroundings, listening to nature. This is not the case when you are hiking with my brother. I will compare our hike to a competitive really! It was a miracle I even had time to snap any photos.

We all saw the sign, took pictures with it, but no one read what to do if we came across a bear.
Me lagging behind was a common theme.

Day 1 hikers! 

Cub Lake

Made it to Cub Lake!
A very aggressive chipmunk....ewww!

D and TK!

The R's at Cub Lake
Cub Lake Rocky Mountain National Park
After our hike we headed back to clean up and take a nap. My cousins drove in from Aurora to meet us for the night. I just wanted everyone to see what it looks like when we roll up to a restaurant. Table for 15 please!

Oh hey Lady!
Crash pointed at this guy and said "Poppie!" Ha!
Alright, day two hiking team started earlier and moved faster. There were several occasions when I was actually running.  I got to lead for the first time and felt like I was being chased by wild dogs. This hike we were on a time crunch but we saw some beautiful scenery.

Quick break

These two are my best friends!
....and this guy!

Ok, almost done.....

Great way to start the day. Beautiful!
Breakfast by the river
Day 2 hikers saying goodbye to Colorado!
Family vacations are everything I remember. Lots of laughs, mild car sickness, staying up late playing games, catching up with cousins, reminiscing about my Bobo, hearing all my Daddy's tall tales, and making memories. Love my family more than words!

When we got home we had a 24 break and then it was wedding time again. My sweet friend Tiffany, I have been posting her showers, got married last Saturday and it was such a gorgeous day! You know who didn't take any! So bummed. Maybe through the magic of Facebook I can put together a post worthy of the wedding. AND Mr. R and I have been busy painting the kitchen and den. Hoping I will have an after photo by this weekend.

Thanks for reading this little blog. I promise some house photos soon!

Hip Hip Hooray for Family Vacations!

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