Sunday, August 5, 2012

Trash to Treasure

Wouldn't it be nice it you got paid for the work you did at home. I would be racking in some serious dough this week! We started our kitchen/back living room and it has totally kicked our butts. Last night I took a break from painting trim and finally got a little grouping together in our front room. I was really waiting for the perfect table to finish this wall. You know where I found it? Amarillo Texas! Who would have thought? Amarillo has yet to let me down with some awesome finds.

This room started out sherbet green!
Sherwin Williams Silvermist for the walls!

 Once the table was in a cozy spot I put up some framed goodies. I got all of the frames  and the mirror at Salvation Army for a whopping $20 for all of them. Everything needed a little spray paint love. The hanger was $1 make you holla that also got a spray paint swipe. I also painted the silver so it would read a bit more brassy.

Yay for stuff!
I collect so many random things! I have boxes and bags full of flash cards. I had to put up the scooter so Mr. R would feel special! I also had some vintage needles that I thought looked cool against old dress patterns. I know, so random!
Print of a ram from our honeymoon in Split Croatia. Super cool!

Obsessed with dice! If you look in the upper right corner you can see one of my favorite little cards!

And there you have it folks! Sorry the angles are so weird I kept catching myself in the mirror and it was scary. Everything in this grouping is from Salvation Army, antique mall, or flea market. Oh, except the lamp shade that was a huge Wal-Mart splurge of $13. There is room for this grouping to grow if needed or if I hate it next week I have spackle and touch-up paint.

Mr. R said this looked like me. I am taking that as a huge compliment because my stuff is awesome!

One day soon I will have something substantial to show. Like an entire finished room. We are slowly getting things together. Phase 1 of kitchen/living room is coming to a close....hopefully! We need big pieces for this room so it wont be 100% finished for awhile. 

My dressing room/office/storage room is the next major project and I am dreading it. I kind of want to nail the door shut and just call it a day. Thanks for visiting this little blog. Sorry it took so long for a house update and sorry for this rambling blog post. I am suffering from paint exhaustion!

Happy Junking!

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