Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Mantle Mania

Oh yay for mantles! This  makes mantle make-over number 2! When we bought this little gem of the house our front room mantle was a 1970's throw back with some very dated mirrors. 12 mirrors to be exact. From the first week I knew what I wanted to do above the mantle but executing it took a little longer. You know with work, family, vacations, 3 weddings, and the 207 other things we had to get finished first. Lets stroll down memory lane folks.
Mirrors + curtains = nightmares!
Bye bye never ending reflection
I always joke that when Mr. R is not supervising me I start tearing things off the wall. When I was painting the mantle I just started pulling the mirrors down. More like hammering them down. I've started something is what I yelled across the house and then was promptly brought protective eye wear and gloves to finished my manic mirror excavation.

Underneath the mirror montage was heavy duty black adhesive....gross! And surprisingly a really beautiful plum color...nice! Although none of this matters because it will be covered. I picked up this new mirror at the good ol' home improvement store. I like how it mimics the shape in the Waverly curtains.
Sadly all my globes could not fit. But while I decide where all 19 of them will live they perched up on the mantle. After the mirrors were removed we just lived with this weird splotchy situation. We had a neighbor over and he made a comment about the lamb wallpaper. What lamb wallpaper? As I am frantically searching the house. I have torn down all of the wallpaper?!?!? Every last inch of it! Then I realized he was talking about the area over the mantle. And it does look like little abstract lambs:)
All my collections just started piling up.
I've been chasing some serious brass!
I love these hot pink chairs!
We could not have done this project alone. Our sweet neighbor helped us cut the boards. We wanted them all to be different. Mr. R attached each board with dry wall screws. I love love love the way the stain turned out.

Half of the front room complete.

Why have one when you can have thirty?!?!

Still hunting for rugs and such!
So happy for the results. I keep walking into the front room just to look at the mantle. I don't know how long the brass candle sticks will last as I have a room full of other random things I want to put up there. But for today they will do.

Happy Day Off!...Whoo hoo!

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