Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Working Hard

For the past 6 days we have been living in total chaos. Drop cloths, paint cans, our sink full of paint rollers and brushes. But we pushed through and finished the biggest space in the house. Our kitchen and den are one giant space. Basically half our house. When we bought this little gem the floor was covered green and white linoleum and a cheap wood laminate with an awkward curved transition...weird! The trim was a pink gingerbread to match the pink paneling of course. And the ceiling...oh the ceiling...was covered with the worlds thickest and dustiest popcorn. Brown brick fireplace that had seen better days. Oh, and don't forget the three ceiling fans and the AC unit in the middle of the wall. Let's just say it wasn't our taste.

A little walk down memory lane....

Remember the 3 ceiling fans?
Small door
Opened up!
Floor medley....who thought that looked good?
One surface throughout space! Hi guys!
Popcorn and gingerbread.... it's like a snack
Phase 1 was definitely removing the floor....absolute must! We knocked down the wall to open up to the dining room and had the ceiling scraped by very qualified professionals. After phase 1 we really just moved in to make it livable. Couch, TV, breakfast table. No decorations or real effort because Phase 2 was on the horizon. This is how we have been living. Just doing little projects here and there in this space.

AC unit removed...still have those pink walls though.
Crown molding!
Replaced fans with ceiling lights....hard to see here.
Phase 2 begins
My mother-in-law spent the day priming this beauty!
Mr. P in the house. When you spend the night with us you are put to work!
Walls Aloof Grey, ceiling White Duck, Trim Snowbound, all Sherwin Williams
And the painting is finished!
The paint has made the room look so much brighter. Hopefully curtain hardware will arrive today. That will give Mr. R something to do with his afternoon. My sweet husband has really been working as butt off. He does everything without complaint. Not only did he work on this room he has been weeding and mulching flower beds and working on the lawn...oh yeah it's 108 outside. For someone who has had zero experience doing anything "fix-it" he has really stepped up! Great man!

So as I am writing this post I realized the Mr. R is returning our new camera....bummer. So I have no way to show the entire room. When I get the furniture and decor up will be a better after anyways.
One of my favorite little corners in the kitchen.
Being away from our house for so long has really made us appreciate it. It really feels like our home and slowly we are getting it together. Phase 3 of the kitchen/living room will be new furniture. We are going to hit up some Labor Day sales and hopefully get a good deal on a new couch. Phase 4 will be painting the cabinets. This is the house that will never be finished! That's ok, I'm loving every minute of this!

Happy Painting!

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