Thursday, November 1, 2012


Out of town wedding, huge fundraising dinner for work, and then Halloween...what week!

Progress on the bathroom has been slow and....gosh, I can't even say steady. For a good week I felt like nothing was really happening. I know that is how it works when you are dealing we several different crews of people. Plumber has to wait for drywall guy, drywall guy waits for the electrician, blah blah blah blah blah. I will admit I was stomping around here the first three days because progress was not moving at the speed I had envisioned....I got over it.

On more than one occasion these last two weeks we have driven up to strangers in our backyard. It has become so common to have men in and out that we weren't even concerned. Everyone who has worked on the bathroom has been great. I'm sure my constant peeking is really motivating them. I will say I give lots of encouraging compliments. That makes them move faster right?

These photos are so sad I hate to even post them but I have nothing else to show. These are from earlier in the week. When we came home today there were walls without holes! Heres how we started...

Demo day1
Removing the gas heater
Goodbye pink tile
Sharing a bathroom with my husband has been easy. I pretty much stay out of his space and have set up camp in the guest room. Now my sweet little guest room looks like a tornado went through it but it's only for a few more weeks. You know, the dust hasn't been nearly as bad as phase one. The guys shut the door every afternoon and I don't even notice. The back porch on the other hand is a disaster but that's pretty normal around here.

It's going to be busy busy the next few weeks, happy to be out of this mess for sure. Excited to have a new space and finally have people over again. I will not lie, I was a tiny bit sad to see the pink tile go, but I could not justify keeping it. I ran into an old high school friend this weekend and she asked what it was like to buy a house knowing we were going to have to put so much work into it. Honestly, I love it! I really wouldn't have it any other way. This is my hobby. And yes, it's stressful and at moments expensive, but it is so worth it! As I'm typing I'm engulfed by the sounds of the saw and nail gun.....

Stay tuned!

Happy Renovating!

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