Monday, June 18, 2012

Be our guest....

We were a little bit rushed throwing together our guest room but an impromptu house guest lit a fire under our butts and we made it happen. There was really is no excuse why it has taken so long but here you go friends. It is not 100% finished but we can definitely accommodate a guest or two.

The second day in the house I went around and removed nails and filled holes. And so for the past few months we have been staring at polka dot walls. I might have jumped the gun a little on that project.

Let the pastel wall color continue into the guest room. The color wasn't horrible but it was filthy so they had to be painted. The walls and trim in this room were a wreck. Holes, huge patches, painted over phone cords, such a mess! I spent many hours just patching and sanding the trim. 

Some of my favorite things. Vintage pattern lamp shade, turquoise alarm clock, photographs of of great vacations, and lavender from Lady's garden. 
Vintage dress form....hello gorgeous! This map was free thanks to a hoarding history teacher at my school:)
Three examples of things I collect; buttons, hat boxes, and my loves......globes!
Antique trunk courtesy of my mother-in-law.

I made these shams from a vintage chenille bedspread. It reminds me of my great aunt Teto who had something similar on her bed. 
Wall color is Sherman Williams Filmy Green. It is really close to the previous paint color.  Just a little more grey-ish.

What we still need:
Vanity or dresser
Ceiling light/fan

The room configuration is still in limbo but fully functional. What is not really highlighted is my awesome antique bed that was a graduation present from my Lady. We bought it at an antique store that just so happened to be in the basement of a Tigermart in Glen Rose. I love this bed so much! When I hang the curtains I will feature the bed too. I want to apologize for my janky photos. My iPhone is just not cutting it. A new camera is on the horizon!!

Who wants to come spend the night?

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