Sunday, November 25, 2012


I'm not even going to say slow and steady, it's just plan moving SLOW! Here are a few bathroom updates. Very happy with the progress so far but I am tired of having a toilet in our hallway! No really, we are stepping over it to get into our bedroom. Very glamorous over here folks. So ready to be finished with this project.

We had a little hiccup with our project manager that adjusted our 4 week timeline slightly. Well, he disappeared.....yep, it happened....gone, vanished, missing! Our main contractor has since taken over the job and we are back in business. Crazy right?!?!? I didn't ask any questions....
 So my awesome bead board was install at an angle and I can't freaking wait to see it painted. It already looks amazing. When the guys were installing it I know it was a total pain in the ass but it was so so so worth it! The custom cabinets went in without a hitch, still debating on hardware.
Raising the shower head and finally saying goodbye to the pink tile. Bye bye!

We opted to paint the tile in the bathtub. It was in great shape just an unfortunate color. The epoxy paint was crazy strong. We had to sleep at my sisters because the fumes were making us crazy....literally, brain cells lost. But it looks awesome. Way better than I was expecting. I love the floor too. There is something about that vintage hexagon tile.

White carrara marble, I love you! No really, I am in love with this counter top. Going to pick out marble was surprisingly easy. Cut and installed in two days....just love it!

Urg, that's all I have to show. I am being optimistic by telling myself this bathroom will be complete by December. Only renovation time will tell though. Until then I will be staring at my marble and dreaming of the day when our toilet is not in the hallway.

Happy Renovating!

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