Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Is it already October? In my head and heart it's still summer. Maybe because I continue to tromp around town in my shorts and flip flops. The house has been turned upside down. Rooms that were once clean and decorated have been cluttered and neglected. Who thought is was a good idea to live in a house during a renovation? No one....ever! I know it hasn't been that long ago but Mr. R and I still laugh about living out of a cooler while Phase 1 was in progress. Why do we create these very difficult scenarios? We like the challenge maybe? Or we are too cheap to do anything else! What phase are we on now? 16? 

I saw one of my girl friends last week and she asked if I had put up my Halloween decorations. I love Halloween, i love dressing up, I love wigs, I love a Tootsie rolls....please brace yourself.... I do not love Halloween decorations. Stop gasping already, I'm just not into it ok. I enjoy other people who go all out with fake cob webs and styrofoam tombstones but it ain't happening at this house folks. It's like seasonal Starbucks flavors....it's just a little too much for me.

Despite the chaos I managed to throw out a few holiday decorations. And when I say a few, I mean two pumpkins....they're painted at least! Please give me a little credit.

I scored these awesome big pumpkins at Aldi....never lets me down y'all....for $2.99. These were the small ones too. I couldn't lift the big guys. I jazzed them up a little bit and I am very happy with them. I chose the Charlie Brown shirt design because I always think about those cartoons around the Fall holidays. I am fully aware that it just looks like black and orange chevron but whatever....call me trendy! Hopefully they will last well beyond Halloween and into turkey season.

I also scored these orange roses and thought this little grouping looked seasonal. And that my friends is all the Halloween decorating I got in me. Phew, I'm exhausted:) I'm sure when we have some kids running around here it will be more fun to put up the real spooky stuff but until then I sticking with just getting this house decorated....period.

So spooky!

So now the biggest dilemma of the month, besides bathroom fixtures, cabinet pulls, tile color, and the dust piles, what should me and the Mr. be for Halloween?!?!? We have thrown out a few ideas but nothing is concrete. We celebrate a very PG Halloween with our neighborhood crew. Thoughts and ideas would be appreciated!

Thanks for visiting our little house blog! Hopefully I can post some before and after of the current bathroom project this week.

Happy Renovating!

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