Friday, November 16, 2012

Bye Bye Boyd!

The R's are headed down to see Miss Boyd become Mrs. Teague and I cannot be more excited! These two got engaged the day after our wedding at my parents place on the Brazos. Emma was there to catch the special moment. Pretty handy being best buds with an awesome photographer! Love love love this idea!

Will you marry me?

Mr. R proposed in the kitchen while I was doing dishes....true story. I love our engagement story's so us!

While we were in New Orleans celebrating Boyd's bachelorette weekend she took our "mug shots". This was after a very long night...eeer morning on Bourbon Street. Some stayed out longer than others! She got this idea off Pinterest, e-mailed me this pics, and put in together for her. I love how she personalized every ones name plates. It's so funny to see how all of these girls fit into her life. I hope no one cares I am putting this on the internet but it's already been all over FB.

How funny is this! Such a good memory!
Wishing the future Mr. and Mrs. Teague all of the happiness in the world! I hope your house is always full of love, friendship, laughter, and hopefully soon some babies! Love you both! Congratulations!

Happy Wedding Weekend!

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