Sunday, December 2, 2012

Oh Hey Office

What is this room anyway?

It has been my dressing room/storage area since we moved into the March! I moved into the other guest room only because getting ready amongst the chaos was stressing me out. So we cleaned this small room and slapped up a fresh coat of paint. And oh my, painted it is! I was stressing a little bit about this color when we started but as the powder blue began to disappear I started to really love it. It's definitely a statement room! I'm ok with that. Mr. R said it was playful....that works for me too. I am so happy I get to do whatever I want in this house and my sweet husband just nods his head and goes along with it.

Moving in...

Total junk room!

This room's walls were by far the worst in the house. It looked as if two people had a fight with nail guns in here! The closets were littered with huge 4" nails too. So sad! The color in here wasn't horrible. A little too baby boys room though and again the walls needed a little tlc.

I knew I wanted a really intense color in here because I am going to accent with white and greys...who's shocked! This room get great light and I knew a rich color could work in here. I also wanted to put a painting I did a few years in here that I love so much. It too is crazy bold but I think it looks good with the wall color. I went with Sherwin Williams Cloudburst. And yes, it looks a lot like my crazy ass hutch but it is way way different!

SW 6487 Cloudburst

What we have....
-Nothing...errrr....painted walls!

What we need...
-Twin bed (I want this to be a crash pad if needed)
- Curtains (bold gray and white stripe???)

Oh, and the bathroom is close people....very close! Waiting on a lighting fixture and of course it still needs to be dressed. No one likes a naked bathroom. Photos soon though! I feel like with the holidays upon us not much will be getting done around here but I will try. Every weekend we are booked, thank goodness for a long Christmas break!

Happy Painting!

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  1. You must have a very kind husband. You should be proud of him! And he should be proud of you for having such great taste in interior design. I love the blue wall, and the bold gray and white stripe curtain is a fantastic idea!

    Alana Rascoe