Saturday, December 29, 2012

Stir Crazy

Anyone else going completely stir crazy? As much as I needed a break from work, I am now losing my mind! Christmas is over and now we wait for New Years and then back to work. And PS I am headed back to work on the 3rd this year! Does that seem crazy to anyone else? I guess two full weeks is enough, the life of a teacher is so hard:)

Mini Day Project
I have been wanting to paint our utility closet door with chalk board paint since we moved in, the other 27 projects trumped it though. So yesterday I decided just to crank it out.... and yes I know everyone in America has a chalk board in their house and this is not at all innovative or progressive but it's progress for it we go!

BEFORE, please excuse the X-mas junk!
Side wall
First coat of paint
Santa brought me some white frames that I grouped together on the side wall of our living room. It is not 100% complete and if you look really close you can see most of the photos are the strangers that came with the frames.

And here is another close-up of the door. All of the R's are anxiously awaiting the New Year including George Strait who will be enjoying his champagne from his doggy bowl.

Did you say champagne!?!?!!
And I of course have to share a picture I forced my sweet husband to take after 72 hours of celebrating Christmas. We were exhausted! I hope everyone had a great holiday. Wishing everyone a very happy new year!

The R's 2012 

 Happy Holidays!

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  1. I love your chalkboard door, and I've had one since 2002. They never get old! You know I love all things "chalky". My only problem is that I hate to erase anything the kids write on it. It still says "Wu Tang forever" in one corner.