Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Much to do about nothing

So we have this closet....
I don't even know how to start this post. Hmmmm. If you have ever been in/lived in an old house you know that the closet situation is less than ideal. Our house is no different. We have clothes spread out in every room. Getting dressed in the morning is like a naked scavenger hunt, and I mean that in the most non sexy way.
Ok, so we have this closet. It is off the main living/kitchen/breakfast room and I am pretty certain it was the laundry room in a past life. When they added on the new addition circa '75 they moved the wash room and transformed this space into a pretty awesome closet. But what the heck and I supposed to put in here? My clothes? That wont be weird at all when we have guests over. Sorry to interrupt your lunch, can I squeeze by and get my pants?
What once was nasty carpet is now our awesome tile that is through out the kitchen and back den.

All of the shelves are different sizes. So hard to find storage boxes!

So now I am stuck. Does this become a craft closet? Filled with wrapping paper, sewing supplies, and glitter? Oh, but the space is so nice. My spring dresses could breath in here. My pants could hang free without and weird crease from the hanger. Any past roommate, suite mate, sibling, or husband will tell you I have a clothes clutter issue. This is not to be confused with dirty or messy because I am neither. It is a simple flaw in that I hate hanging up clothes. Or putting away clothes. Or wearing the first outfit I try on for the day. It's pretty serious by the weekend and I usually have a pile as tall as me. Sorry old roommates! So having my dressing closet in the main part of the house might pose a problem......OR!!!! It might solve my clothes clutter problem and I would be forced to hang up my multiple discarded outfits every morning. I know, I know, probably not.

Do I turn the biggest closet in the entire house in my crafting area?

The closet has been scrubbed and painted a crisp white. The ceiling is the famous baby blue from the laundry room. I think it adds a little something when the ceiling is a different color than the walls. And since there was a little blue left, I thought why not. I need some non-ugly storage containers, maybe some garment bags for non seasonal clothes, and maybe a few baskets. The weirdest thing about this closet is that someone build these really substantial shelves but they are all different sizes.

Stay tuned....

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