Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Going Green

So I keep seeing this moss graffiti stuff on Pinterest. People paint words and simple images with this moss paste and it actually grows on the wall. Mostly in urban areas. It's really beautiful. I did a little research on how to make the paste.....it ain't happening people....moss in my blender....nope! So I faked it. I had some left over moss from my wedding, the kind that comes in sheets from the craft store. Not sure what the original plan for it was but I had two packages just sitting in a box so I thought why not. 

This is the back side of our chimney. So plain!
X-Acto knife, scissors, Sharpie, moss, foam board.
I just free handed my letter. Wishing now I would have done something more whimsy.
Hot glued the front and then folded over the edges. Don't use your good glue gun!

I had to piece it together in spots but you cant tell at all...very forgiving!

This is definitely an outside project. Quite messy!

My awesome vintage baby blue chairs courtesy of my Lady!

Stuck them on the brick with double sided foam tape. Similar to the tape on removable hooks you use for stockings. This area gets zero rain, thanks to our mega porch, I think it will be safe here for awhile.

Ta-Da! Looks a little small here...and quite serious! Next time it will I'll go big and bold!
Total project time: 1 hour
Supply Cost: $12 -ish, I mean, I had everything already but I think the moss was about $6 a pack.

You could for sure use those pre-made letters from the craft store and save some serious time. I wanted mine to be flat, like it was actually growing on the wall, so I used the foam board. I might rough it up a bit around the edges. It's just too perfect. I am going to make these for the next baby/bridal shower I throw....who's excited? I thought too, if I can't decide on address numbers this could be a solution for a little bit. Is that obnoxious?

Fake it 'til you make it!

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