Monday, April 16, 2012

Mail Call

Our sweet little ol' house has many sweet little ol' things that came with it. We have an attached mail box on our tiny porch that has seen better days. While I was at the home improvement store I strolled by the mail boxes to see if there was anything that gave me a warm feeling inside.....nothing! Everything had a lock on it. Who needs an extra key to haul around? I can barely keep track of my house and car keys. That's out! I looked online and they are all eeehhhh and the ones that are semi ok are too big AND crazy expensive. There are some things I can splurge on but a mail box is not one of them. I'm on a budget folks.

Who needs new when you have spray paint in your garage?!?!? 

I used my trusty screw driver to remove it from the brick wall. Threw it on some newspaper in the back yard. A few quick sprays and she was all done. While spraying/fanning/being impatient I realized the vines at the top came right off and so did the hooks at the bottom. It felt too small and sad without the hooks so I left them. Which was perfect because I really wanted to hang something from them. Entire project....12 minutes. Cost....$0.

I got this awesome "R" from a bridal shower gift topper. Great idea! I just added some new ribbon. It probably wont stay forever but I wanted to give the mailbox some extra love today. 
I couldn't resist leaving a little note on the was just too perfect of a space.

In addition to the newly painted mail box the glass door is now transparent and the porch has been scrubbed and de-bugged. Which included me screaming when a large moth dive bombed my face and I fell off a ladder...I'm fine. The worst part was trying to justify my screaming like a crazy person. 
ME:"There was a a big huge one....not a normal attacked me!"
Mr R: (Shakes head in front yard)
ME: (out of breath) "I'm ok, but there was this was big.....bird like...."

What we still need: 
outdoor pendant light
cute door mat
new address numbers (I can't make up my mind on this one, ideas are appreciated)

What would be nice to have eventually:
A new porch! Ours is so small! That is phase 694.

Happy Mailing!


  1. Your blog has been so much fun to read! I love following along with all your projects. Which have all turned out fantastic, by the way.

    1. You're so sweet Ashlie. I love yours too! You are a fantastic photographer!

  2. Uuuum I am just jealous that you actually have a mailbox on your front porch instead of all the way down the street!!! You are one creative lady, looks great and I love your owls too! Love to you and the Mr!