Friday, February 24, 2012

That's the way real estate goes...

Oh good gracious we are pulling our hair out over here! I'm blaming it on President's Day! All month we were planning on closing today but because of the bank holiday everything got shuffled around. As we are approaching the 3 o'clock hour on a Friday we are pretty certain we will not close until Monday. My poor realtor! aka my Daddy! Not only am I calling him hourly but my mother and sister are doing the same. Thank goodness he is so laid back, he told me "that's the way real estate goes...". We feel a tiny bit defeated and a tad bit anxious. I have every possible moving/packing/trailer/contractors/paint swatch scenario running through my head right now.

This weekend was supposed to be filled with trips to Home Depot and painting bedrooms (whiny voice...foot stomp!). Now we have to sit around our undecorated apartment for a few more days. I even packed up the couch pillows! I have a love hate relationship with packing. I hate living amongst the chaos of boxes and empty walls but I do love holding and re-visiting all of my treasures. I have jars and jars of different collections. I collect buttons, vintage game pieces, old art supplies, letter press blocks, scrabble pieces, metal sign letters. I usually organize things by size and/or color. The obsession has really stopped recently because I was running out of space for all of these said collections. But let the collecting continue as we move to more square footage! What else will fit in a jar?

I do wrap and carefully pack all my goodies. I keep cracking up laughing at how I am labeling all of the boxes. Multiples boxes say "Jars of stuff". I haven't even started thinking about my precious globes. I collect those too. I am up to 19. They are so bulky they just might have to be transported in the car.....buckled in tight!

Happy packing!

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