Monday, February 13, 2012

My Valentine

We just wrapped up a great weekend down at the farm with family and friends. Our entire family was there to celebrate our sweet nephews second birthdays. I love that we continue to make so many memories at the Brazos House. Chicken eggs! Tractors! Donkeys! Guitar sing-a-long! Laughter! While we were there Scott and I were joking about how we feel like we've been together forever. Really, our wedding was not even three months ago but it seems like a lifetime.

Scott has asked me several times in the past few weeks what I wanted to do for Valentines day and I keep replying nothing. I can't think of anything I need, and sure, there is a lot of things I want but I'm about to spend A LOT of money decorating our new digs. He put it perfectly yesterday, "there is nothing more romantic than staying on budget"!

I love him!

Wishing my gorgeous, hilarious, crazy talented husband a very happy Valentines Day!

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