Saturday, February 18, 2012

I Hate to Brag

I hate to brag but my students are freaking awesome. No really, they are amazing! For the past two weeks my Design class has been cutting and gluing to create these beautiful paper sculptures. The inspiration from this project came from the Chanel Couture fashion show in 2009 where all of the models wore fantastic paper hats. For the past 3 years the assignment has evolved just a little. Maybe I am getting better at this whole teaching thing. Which brings us into 2012.....

The project is to create a sculpture to be seen in the round made out of only white paper. I do this because the kids get so caught up with color that the forget about structure, balance, and texture. They can use glue to attach the pieces....and boy howdy did they use some hot glue! I have created some glue gun monsters! I had a very proud teaching moment when they brought in their first personal glue guns! It's the small things that get me through the day.

Most students make hats but some choose to create hanging pieces like the one above. Isn't that beautiful? She was inspired by "all things Southern", lace, Magnolias, and Wisteria. I told her she was missing Dolly Parton and a biscuit! These pictures do not do this piece justice it is amazing! And huge, I made her shorten it up so we could take it to competition next week. She hand cut the lace pieces with an X-acto knife. The lace detail alone took her three hours.

Inspired by a 1920's swimming cap. So stinkin' pretty. You can't she the braided trim around the edge of the hat but it is perfect. I love all of the texture.

Is it a mask or a hat or a head piece? If it was socially acceptable I would wear this hat around all day. It has a beak! All day long you can hear me screaming "creativity....craftsmanship" over and over again. When I saw this piece completed I was stunned! Not only is it an amazing idea but it is impeccable! Creativity...check, craftsmanship....check! It doesn't even look like paper, it actually looks like fur. I can't imagine the hours she spend on this project. Well worth several late nights.

I know this post has nothing to do with being a newlywed or decorating but until we are in the house next week, this is what I got y'all! So again, I hate to brag but these kids deserve a little shout out!

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