Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Goodbye to a great year!

I'm sitting here holding/rocking Raleigh to sleep thinking about 2013. How do I even start to sum up the most memorable year of my life....

Let's start with the many blessings.

My husband. He wakes up to change diapers. He cooks dinner. He mops the floor. He tells me I'm pretty when I am covered in baby throw up and God knows what else. He is the funniest person I have ever met AND the best dad to baby R.

My family, oh how they amaze me everyday. My parents and siblings are more than my blood relatives, they are my people. They are the friends I want to spend my vacations with, my weekends with, they are my biggest supporters and I honestly could not be luckier.

My job. This sounds wacky I'm sure, but I work with some of my best buds. Transitioning back to work after baby boy could have been horrible and traumatic but my job allows me to have him 100 yards away. It might be closer I've never measured. It also doesn't hurt that one of my dearest friends is now my boss and threw me a huge bone and a very easy fall semester. And have I mentioned my students? When I tell people I teach high school they always make this "I'm sorry" face. I have to inform them that my students rock. They are so creative and witty and yes, obviously they are teenagers, but they are so sweet!

My home. I have been neglecting it but I love it. 2014 has big projects in store for you little house!

My friends. They are pretty great! And funny and gorgeous, generous, loving, smart, and on and on and on....making me a better gal just by knowing them.

My crazy ass dogs. Oh dear Lord! Sometimes I lay in bed thinking how easy life would be without them. Clean house, clean floor, clean couch, no poop, no walks, no barking, no diaper eating....I could go on. And then I think about our family walks, the living room wrestling matches, Nelson snoozing on every coach his stubby little legs can crawl up on, George's handsome face, the constant licking of the baby. They are a mess......but they are our mess and we love them. When we adopted W. Nelson this fall everyone said we were crazy getting another dog with a new baby. But it has been the easiest transition. The boys love playing with each other and baby R loves watching them.

And lastly my boy. I could talk all day and night about every tiny detail I love about this baby. He is the best thing I have ever done. He is the best part of my day....everyday! His smile literally makes my heart leap. After 32 years on this earth I now know what my job is....to be this kids mama.

Highlights of 2013....
Obviously the arrival of baby R was the biggest!
My art students won 3rd in state! Whoo hoo!
Some very fun weddings; Robbie and Eddie, Chris and Katy, Amber and Jake, and Katy and Daniel
Family vacation to Hot Springs Arkansas!
Cousin Camp, Fourth of July, and many more awesome farm memories!
Mr. R went back to school and we, yes we, survived it!!
The arrival of W. Nelson!
Holidays with all of our family.
Baby cousin Ily, one week after Rals.
New second cousins; Juliette, Edie, and Hendrix
Lots of pregnant friends! 2014 will be busy busy!!
We saved A LOT of money not renovating the house....and I plan on spending that money in 2014.

When I asked Mr. R for some of his highlights he of course said the above. Then he went on to say how boring we sound. What's fun to us isn't very exciting to anyone else. Yes, the last 6 months we have been hybernating with our little guy. We haven't traveled, we've hardly gone out or even seen a movie but we have made so many great memories with our sweet boy and two wild ass dogs....enough to last a lifetime. 

Now, this year has not all been unicorns a rainbows. There have definitly been some downs. The stress of a new baby, going back to work, breastfeeding, and trying to be a good partner almost did me in. At one point I'm pretty sure I was doing a horrible job all around. But, just like with any life obstacle I/we took it a day at a time. An acquantaince at work told me I made it look easy. My exact words after I stopped laughing...

"Don't let the lipgloss fool you, I am a mess!"

And now the resolutions. I always try to make my new years resolutions incredibly easy because I don't really like failing AND I don't want to do anything that will cause me to be more tired than we already are. This year is no different. My resolutions will be manageable and enjoyable! Here we go....

Be a good friend. I am going to really reach out to those friends that I don't see often.
Travel with the boy (we already have one trip planned to CO....whoo hoo).
Try new restaurants.
Drink more water.
Do whatever it takes to breast feed until little man is 12 months old. If he looses interest thats fine but I will do my part.
Get back into shape *Disclaimer* by the power of breastfeeding I am back to my pre baby weight. This does not mean I look good naked yet....and this is my goal!
Try for baby #2. Yes, I'm putting it out there now, we want another one soon. If I took a pregnancy test today and it was positive I would be over the moon. And no, I am not pregnant. 

Nothing too crazy right?

With an incredibly happy heart we say goodbye to 2013 and with hope and anticipation welcome 2014.

Ringing in the New Year at 4:30pm!

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  1. Love you Allie!!! Happy birthday and happy new year!