Saturday, December 28, 2013

Christmas cheer!

Ho ho ho. Yes it's over. What a whirlwind of a holiday. Baby R had no clue what was going on but we enjoyed his little smiles all the same. We even got a few chuckles out of this kid.

These are just a few Intagram pics from December, follow me at agr2023 if you want all Raleigh all the time!!
Icemageddon 2013 
Oh hey Santa!
Oh Nelson!
Handmade holiday decor for the living room.
The best shot of all 3 boys....FAIL!
Rals and Ily Belle's first Xmas!
The boy got to take Christmas pictures at school and I love them! He is usually all smiles but on this day he wasn't into it. Zenia Curiel captured such a sweet expression of baby R and cousin Cal! Love love love these!!!

We are so blessed beyond belief at all of the love we received. I hope everyone had a very merry Christmas!

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